Cowan: Weight Loss


number 3Three is a number of great strength because it represents the threefold nature of the one God. In scripture it stands for a completed period of time. . Three represents the third spiritual center, the adrenal glands, the use of power on earth, self-preservation. Earth is a three-dimensional experience. Some strengths associated with this center are that the person participates, takes responsibility, strives to improve, has patience. ‘The Dream Dictionary’

Today’s post is the last one in our series on the Fourfold Path to Healing by Thomas Cowan. Obesity is a huge problem in this country, that is a jumping point for other medical risks: diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, digestive problems, breathing difficulties, and sleep problems. In order to lose weight (and decrease risk), we HAVE to change our lifestyles to reach a weight that is fitting of our age, body type and genetics. To begin with we have to differentiate between hunger and satiety. In order to fall into a pattern and rhythm the best way to accomplish this is with three meals (get the beginning now). This allows us to experience hunger followed by fullness (and for our organs to fall into rhythm as well). The number 3 stands for: completion, self-preservation and power in the material realm. We have to pay careful attention that the foods we are putting in our bodies are the most nutritious forms possible (did you know being overweight is actually a symptom of malnutrition). Cowan points out how two trends parallel the obesity rise:

  1. empty processed food (MSG’s are a known cause for weight gain)
  2. animal confinement (these animals lack minerals, amino acids, and optimal vitamin levels- notably lacking in CLA).

Nutrition: eliminate refined grains, fats and oils, and all sweeteners. Look at bone broths, Coconut Oil Infococonut oils, animal products, raw dairy and organic fruits/vegetables. Fats need to be a large percentage of your daily calorie intake, as low fat may provide initial loss, but will not satisfy or maintain weight loss. Eliminate all synthetic vitamins, minerals and other pills.

Therapeutics: see the book.

Movement: Walking is great. Learn to love and enliven your body type, practicing movements that enlarge your personal space.

Meditation: Individuals who are overweight tend not to allow for help from others. Work, then on actively looking for help/guidance from others.
I have enjoyed the last couple of weeks covering Cowan’s work and I hope that you have too. I recommend reading it to find out even more (especially the topics I didn’t cover). What I’ve learned: reinforcement for my beliefs on food that is REAL/nourishing and the wonderfulness of fat, I can change the way I feel by changing the way I move, and lastly meditate. Look at all realms of your life that need changed, not just exercise and eating.


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