Cowan: Mens Health

M. d’Artagnan will conduct the prisoner to the ile Ste. Marguerite. He will cover his face with an iron visor, which the prisoner cannot raise without peril of his life.

Alexandre Duma

Cowan pays much attention elements and there correlation with humans. Iron is the metal often associated with men (silver by the way is the female related metal). It is the only metal found in significant amounts (I’ve actually wanted to do a post on metal overload because the Weston Price frequently mentions it. .hmm. .look for that soon). It is the main component of not only red blood cells, but certain enzyme systems. I adore what Cowan points out here:

Metaphysically speaking, iron is the perfect substance to modulate the process of puberty, and even to physically distinguish man from woman. Increased iron brings more robust life to the youthful frame while its heaviness presages the weightier matters of adult life.

The planet Mars is associated with iron (hence the picture of the statue). Thus linking it with the characteristics identified with Mars: aggression, passion, dominance and fire. Do you see all the correlations? The problem today and our life-styles, is that this higher level of iron is prone to oxidation (hence the higher prevalence of heart disease in men). rustSomething else to be considered along with iron, is the mineral zinc, found in nature in carbonate deposits, always with iron. Just like iron, it has the same relation to the process of oxidation, forming carbonates, hydrates and oxides. Also, just like iron, it is needed in substantial amounts. The prostate gland, muscles and bones, and semen need it (see again the correlation with men?).  The problem is that decline in soil, plus a diet recommendation that has diminished fat-soluble vitamins (needed to make testosterone) has decreased our intake and a decline in fertility. So what do men need to do?

  • Nutrition: To obtain optimal zinc eat foods like red meat (real red meat from grass-fed or wild animals), seafood (notably oysters), wild fish, raw pasture butterfat, eggs, and unrefined sea salt. Avoid iron fortified foods,as this can encourage toxic overload, thus contributing to heart disease, liver disease, and potentially cancer. Also make sure to avoid soy and all its estrogen properties, encouraging feminization, while also blocking zinc.
  • Movement: This part got me a bit, Cowan suggests paying attention to the position and way that you urinate. He suggests sitting down to pee, as that will result in more frequent elimination and provide the best conditions for the prostate. Also in the beginning of urination, hold, release, hold, release, hold and then fully release. This promotes a rhythmical contraction of the prostate.
  • Meditation: ah, this too I found interesting. Here we go back to Steiner, who believed the soul of a human has the opposite gender as their physical body (making men souls actually feminine). Jung’s modal too, suggests that one of the main task of self-actualization is the reconciliation of these opposites. A typical expression for men can be to express aggression or decisiveness, but in striving for a balanced health they need to also try to express the feminine intuitive nature. See the problem today? As Cowan says: Living in a culture that struggles to value the feminine side of life only makes this reconciliation harder for today’s males as they find themselves caught between the outer demands of the culture and their own, often weak inner voice. So there you have it men, don’t be afraid to tap into your own inner female intuitions.
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  2. Carmelia Zorich says:

    While the life-expectancy gap between men and women has decreased, it’s no secret that men still need to pay more attention to their bodies. Several things work against men. They tend to smoke and drink more than women. They don’t seek medical help as often as women. Some men define themselves by their work, which can add to stress. :

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