Cowan’s Cancer Take

CancerCancer, wow, this chapter was enlightening and I have to admit a little different (but thought provoking all the same). Cowan takes the approach of comparing cancer to terrorist, which I feel is an appropriate metaphor, as we are often at war and fighting our bodies. Medicine has focused on why events may happen, rather than why they happen. Cancer can be a tricky subject to pinpoint, with no complete definition. Some may describe it as a tumor (new growth), but cancers like leukemia demonstrate that this is not always the case. some my point out that it is an accelerated growth, although again we can see the cancers vary widely in their growth. We have to look at our cells, which there are billions of. Each is a specialist, belonging to a certain organs, with it’s own assignment. Sometimes cells go through a rebellious teenage stage, where they don’t want to do what they’re told anymore, and create their own type. This is a major problem. What do we do when we discover cancer? Of course we take the radical treatment of either/or:

  • cutting the cells out
  • burning the cells with radiation
  • poison them with chemotherapy

This leaves the patient, actually weaker and defenseless. We can take two different approaches:

  • eliminate errant cells with little damage, because when these are a problem they can form tumors, that spread to the organs
  • Consider the terrain that the cancer is growing (notably the immune system). We need to restore health and balance to immune system.

What we need to do is: take control of our eating, encourage healthy movement, and work our perspectives of ourselves. Let’s look at the four paths:

  1. Nutrition: naturally they should follow an eating regiment outlined in last Monday’s post, paying special attention to: eating organically to avoid pesticides, not eat processed or convenience foods with sugars, white flours and vegetable oils, eat threes times a day with equal portions, consume lacto-fermented foods and drinks, bone broths, consume flax seeds, beets, coconut, butterfat, and fat from grass-fed animals, and supplement with cod liver oil.
  2. Therapeutic: check out the book
  3. Movement: seeing as cancer patients, tend to internalize and wanting to please others, their personal space tends to be rather small. In order to help heal, they need to then encourage movements to increase space.
  4. Meditation: Cancer patients need to take the time to discover their true selves. Art, notably with emphasis on light can be a good implantation. I love that he went on to talk about Goethe’s ‘Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily’, what Goethe claims, ‘unification of the human self with the higher, spiritual being.’

His closing sums it up beautifully: Above all, we must seek understanding-of ourselves and of others. We cannot win cancer by doing battle, but only by shining light into the darkness and learning to communicate. Heart disease coming next.

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