I think it’s become relevant lately that I have a bit of a pinning problem (it’s not a bad thing, that’s more recipes and visual posters for you), but I can’t help it. I admit, that I Brittany, am a bit of an extremist and can take researching (I just checked out a history book on Russia, I am not in school. I electively chose the book to learn more) and projects (like not stopping until I’ve drawn all 50 states individually or all the Disney Princesses- yes I love Disney movies and geography) to the edge. Dorkiness aside, I think that easing into the week with pictures before heavy information and research is good as the brain recovers from the weekend. Sugar addiction is a big problem, so this is great for today and I’ll cover some more about sugar this week (that I found on my health-addicted Pinterest feeds). I had intended to do a week-long series on the Fourfold Path to Healing, but I was a slacker (I too need weekends sometimes and I am young and free so I had to fly the past weekend) and haven’t finished it yet. It will be coming next week, however, so I am mentally preparing you to anticipate some of that heavy hitting science and real food promotion, with added thought, movement, holistic and all-around great health information so stay tuned. In the meantime, hands off the sugar! Enjoy the day, it’s Monday!

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