Stand Tall: Pitfalls of Constant Sitting

Chairs are like shoes. They are modern ‘conveniences’ that force our anatomy into unnatural positions while purporting to correct flaws intrinsic to our bodies. -Mark at

How right this is, once chairs were objects fit for queens and kings, but of course cheap production, make them wildly available. Another modern instance, where we seem to be treading backwards (we’re shooting ourselves in the foots with all these modern ‘conveniences’). I’ve used a similar sketch showing our development into obesity (plus I found another poster coming at the end) and I’ve seen this one for a while now, but for some reason have held back on doing a post on sitting. A long time ago I saw a post on Mark’s site about sitting, but held back. This is silly because I’m so into barefoot and it goes hand-in-hand with this one (I think part of my resistance is that I do work the slow shift and spend a decent amount of time sitting at the computer. Granted I get sucked into the computer and research, but as we’ll see standing is an option, but I sometimes have a tough time giving up the simplest of tasks. I realized, finally, that I really need to look at this, because I really am pretty self-aware and I can hear my body’s yearning to be outdoors to be moving and not sitting. When I’m hooked on a book, it complains about the lack of movement. I guess that’s part of the benefits and lure of Colorado, the promise of the outdoors and activity, because given the choice I would drop all computers to explore). Posture aside (this seems blindingly obvious and my poor posture rectifies this), obviously if we’re sitting we are not moving. Therefore we are feeding our sedentary lifestyles, because if we sit most of the week behind a desk sitting, we typically spend our free time ‘relaxing’ in one. So what can we do?

  • Standing desk if possible (Mark even suggested a treadmill, now that’s an idea!)
  • Sit on a stool
  • When not at work, move. Go for a walk and get off your ass, instead of going home and vegging out in front of the television screen

Here is the promised poster:


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2 Responses to Stand Tall: Pitfalls of Constant Sitting

  1. Great post–you are writing about something that is a critical issue for Americans, and probably anyone in the world that’s working in an office. It’s interesting, I did a podcast about this very topic about a year ago, when I had a physical therapist talking about how to prevent workplace injuries. Her biggest advice was to stand as much as possible. I have now switched entirely to a standing desk. I do have an adjustable drafting chair, so I can sit if I get tired. But since I’ve become accustomed to standing, I probably only use the stool for at most a half hour day. My posture and energy have improved greatly since making the transition.

    Anyway, I love what you’re doing with this blog and I think our blogs have a lot of in common–in the sense that they are about making better choices to live a better life. You’re always invited to pop by my little corner of the Internet ( and share your sure–to–be insightful comments! (Or just to say hello)

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