Poor Posture

I love to learn new things, so often I focus on the eating, sleep, stress part that I forget there are a myriad of conditions to live a healthy lifestyle. Tomorrow I will be looking at sitting for the exercise post, but I figured I’d better cover posture today. Something just click instantly with me, but other things I hesitate. I hesitate when it comes to posture. I have crappy posture I admit it. I always have, it seemed easier to hide my large chest (or to hide myself, it was easier to collapse into myself when I was warring with confidence). This is one of those comfort things. Poor posture is my comfort zone, changing it seems like work and practice, but after today I definitely know I need to work on this. I foresee lapses, but it’s like when I switched to Five Fingers. Over two years my leg muscles and foot strength have improved and I’ve weened myself off of conventional shoes, so posture is going to require the same effort, I just have to apply myself. I know it’s not just me, though, shitty posture seems to be a widespread epidemic. Going to my cousin’s graduation last week I remember leaning to my mom and commenting that these girls’ posture was even worse than mine. Look at the red carpet or fashion magazines where concave back curvatures are the rage. What are we doing to ourselves? Obviously the first problem is pain. Esther Gokhale is like the Weston Price of posture, looking at primal people’s posture. Her site says:

  • 90% of adults experience back pain at some point
  • this year 50% of working Americans will experience back pain
  • back pain is now the leading cause of disability in individuals under 45
  • by the age of 15, 60% of adolescents have experienced either neck or back pain

She also concludes that the problem is that we’ve been told that an S-shaped spine is ideal (I don’t think we really follow this either, just like we don’t really follow eating guidelines- even those they are faulty as well). Flashback to my college anatomy class, when learning about the spine- kyphosis, lordosis, kyphosis, lordosis= s shape. Yep that’s what we’re told is right. What does Esther say is the ideal spine letter then? She says that a J-shaped spine is what we are intended to have (straight into a curve). To do this we need to:

Pelvis back, butt slightly out, torso leaning forward- Mark @ Marksdailyapple.com

Again, like I pointed out and like Mark says, it’s like switching to barefoot after a lifetime in shoes, it will initially feel unnatural, but you’ve just got to take time to adjust (patience). I think this is interesting, and like I said it’s fun to learn about other ways that we can make ourselves better, so work on that J-shape and tomorrow we’ll learn that maybe we should do a little more standing.

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