Get Outside

I’ve been slacking with post lately, but maybe today’s theme has been calling to me and the lure of sitting at a desk writing while the sun taunts me outside, has made me resistant to post (I’m boycotting). I think that today’s post is pretty much common sense and I don’t know why scientist feel it is necessary to waste time and money to conclude that being outdoors is beneficial, but I have yielded and will give some of their stellar conclusion at the end. We’ve covered it extensively in the past with slow aerobic movements and forest bathing (where just 5 minutes outdoors is all it takes to boost mood, imagine if you spent hours?). Saturday we had our first Boot Camp of the year outdoors, it was amazing. This building was designed and built for us, and while it serves it’s purpose and I love it, I can’t help but feel a little trapped here sometimes, especially with so many hours a week spent here. Saturday, being outside is like being set free. I am a kid again, I view the park, a hill, and grass as the ideal playground for kettlebells. I do play is a missing piece of our daily routines, and even in my spiritual training I aspire to be more child-like and closer to my true-self. Dropping kettlebells in the grass is perfect, they don’t roll but just die in the grass. Therefore imagination and creativity can be unleashed. Why aren’t you doing this with us? Who do you think makes this up?! Going to the park by myself with kettlebells, is like an artist with a blank canvas. I can switch my juggling this way to make it more challenging, let’s do walking swings up and then backwards on the hill, throwing is a natural movement let’s try that, oh double pressed out lunges sounds like fun, no let’s take it up a notch and do alternating see-saw presses while we lunge. . . and so on. The sky’s the limit, anything I can dream, I can try. This to me is fun, plus you add in the sun with it’s shining vitamin D, my favorite colors of green and blue, and an assortment of health-conscious individuals and you’ve got a recipe for fun and success. Can you really have this much fun while you work out? Who wants to look at the same walls day in and day out? Get me outside, with my barefoot, to truly tap into my primal past and I feel home. Two weeks ago me and mom did the Dirty Girl Mud Run with some of our Avon clients. It was so much fun, and again rolling around in the mud we were able to tap into our childlike life is fun attitude, so it wasn’t like we were ‘racing’. I had the idea for an outdoor obstacle course a couple of month’s ago. We have slowly been moving towards it, despite the slow progress it has remained persistently on my mind. After the mud run and the outdoor boot camp and my MovNat love, I have realized this is exactly what we need. Where is there an outdoor exercise facility in Terre Haute for all? How progressive to have a gym membership with an outdoor adult playground, where sure you could label it as ‘exercise’. But to me it is fun! Soon I will be posting a sketch of the intended obstacle course but I envision: rope walls, rock walls, sandbags, throwing, crawling, tires, and so much more. Somewhere were we can take advantage of the nice weather, and where we can get the benefits of outdoor exercise. We are taking an old equipment like ropes, tires, and scrap wood that can go towards it’s construction, but we have also been inspired by the listed events, to hold our own paint Field Day on June 23rd at 10 am. We’ll have obstacles to complete, it can be done individually or in teams. The event will be kid-friendly as well. We’ll celebrate with some healthy grub and completion t-shirts. Just a fun today for our clients to gather and support one another and to support their future health and fun! We hope that as many people as possible will be able to attend. Here is our poster for it:Those benefits of outdoor exercise?

  • vitamin D
  • increased activity level
  • greater concentration
  • better health and healing
  • better breathing
  • improved mental well-being
  • revitalization
  • increased energy and positive engagement
  • greater decrease in tension, confusion, anger and depression

What are you waiting for? Get outside!

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