Featured Food: Celery

Still pushing through the foods that I thought I would have covered, but apparently haven’t. Today celery is up to bat. I like celery, especially to add another texture when I’m looking for something crisp and refreshing. One of the few vegetables I really enjoy raw.

  • Very good source of vitamin C= immune system/inflammation
  • phthalides (active compounds) can help relax the muscles around arteries, allowing them to dilate and helping, therefore with blood pressure
  • phthalides are decrease stress hormones
  • courmarins prevent free radical damage
  • good source of magnesium
  • good source of calcium
  • very good source of potassium

Celery is great by itself, or as a dipper (like with buffalo dips or broccoli hummus). Growing up, we always enjoyed celery with peanut butter,  but you can replace this with almond butter and it’s even better!

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