Cut Workout Times

80s aerobicsI love the 80’s (I don’t even hate on this outfit, I actually love it), but not all good things came from this decade. As the low-fat trend came from the 70’s, the exercise trend came from 80’s. Although the gear was cool, the persistent exercise not so much. We’ve been told to exercise at least 30 minutes a day and people will spend hours jogging. I think I’m going to pick up running to lose weight-is something I frequently hear. Oy! If we eat like our ancestors, why not workout like them too? To begin ‘working out’ was just life back then. Believe it or not they weren’t running around all the time. They would have been more likely walking along (slow-aerobic exercise that makes up the bottom of the exercise pyramid 55-75% of heart rate max=comfortable so talking is still comfortable). If you run for an hour, how much do you have in the tank to run away from a dangerous lion? I ran cross country in high school (and hated every minute of it I might add, loved the team part but despised the running part). When I had to transition into softball, I was slow. I was so used to using my slow twitch muscle fibers, I could pump my arms ferociously but it was like running in glue or slow-motion. I would have been lunch for sure. Other bad things about chronic cardio is the wear and tear it places on your joints. Alright so now we’re slow and beat up, but aren’t we getting the best work out. Problems with working out too much:

  • calories burned is generally small
  • those that exercise tend to eat more (this cancels out the ‘benefits’ they think they’re getting)
  • even though they may workout for specific time periods, they are sedentary otherwise (avoiding the slow aerobic portion)

You know what should piss you off most about all this hard work? They’ve shown that a mere 6 MINUTES of pure hard exercise (like sprinting) are more effective than one hour of moderate exercise. Plus it activates HSL, which mobilizes fatty acids for energy. This means you burn glucose and fatty acids=greater fat loss and insulin sensitivity restoration. Wow, you’ve could have saved a lot of time. Add in a lack of sleep to restore hormones like growth hormone and testosterone, that are important for muscle mass. Another thing (from personal experience and in my own observation of doing body analysis of people picking up running), chronic cardio tends to zap and take away your precious muscle tissue. Don’t forget Monday’s post either about cortisol and stress. Chronic Cardio places your body in constant fight or flight mode, therefore cortisol is pumping non-stop= too much stress on the body.  So what should we do? Sprint once a week, lift something a couple of times a week and spend 3 or more hours doing slow aerobic movements like walking.

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