Standing by Saturated Fat

Butter, steak, lard, eggs, bacon, red meat, coconut oil and all this animal fat, is this not a heart attack waiting to happen with all of that saturated fat? Well Sunday we cleared cholesterol of its 40 year sentence, and today we are going to have a retrial for saturated fat and see if we can’t prove its innocence so we can go back to the day of the old farmers breakfast of eggs and bacon, with foods that tasted like REAL fatty delicious food. What crime has saturated fat committed? It too stands accused of causing heart disease, killing millions and costing tons of money. At the heart of the problem (pun unintended) is the Lipid Hypothesis. Fancy name, right? Well here’s what, you’ve known this for a while: consuming saturated fat and cholesterol in the diet leads to heart disease. Hmm… sounds familiar like Sunday’s post potentially. Anyways, we know that Ancel Keys is a name associated with this and as we’ve seen he’s already admitted that there is no correlation. That’s right:

There is no REAL evidence that the consumption of cholesterol or saturated fat causes heart disease.

Oh if only we can go back in time! Of course when this hypothesis came out in the 70’s who latched onto? Those greedy vegetable oil and food processing industries, who just so happened to be benefiting financially from this. That couldn’t possibly be their motive, though, could it? You ever heard of propaganda, you know you often see it in war discussions? Ever wondered how Hitler got a whole nation behind him and turned the world into turmoil and conflict? Alright, I’m being a bit dramatic, but we have been feeding into this bull s*** for years now. I am almost to the point where I think we should be angry. Think about? Would you pissed off if someone was harming you or your family but knew better. Wouldn’t you want to protect someone you love at all cost? Wouldn’t you want to protect yourself? Would you stand by and let your children get poisoned? Why stand by or keel over and accept our fate of disease. No one dies of old age anymore, we just accept this. Fight! Fight for your life! Fight for your family’s life! Stop believing in the conventional wisdom, have your own brain, run a trial on yourself. Eating and living like we do, each day we are stepping closer toward death, when I’d rather take the path toward life personally. Alright, I’m done with my tangent, but I’m tired of having this knowledge, yet knowing that most don’t live this way or even know the truth. We hold the keys to our future. Think I’m lying? Ever notice how before 1920 heart disease was rare? Ever notice how the French love them some butter, eggs, cheese, liver, cream and pates, yet they have lower incidences of heart disease? Ever wonder how half of breast milks calories from fat are saturated and this is the nourishment that we trust to feed our growing bundles of joy? Do you know what those polyunsaturated oils that we’ve been told are healthy do? Well to begin they are usually oxidized and rancid before we even put them in our shopping carts. They DO contribute to a number of problems:

  • increased risk cancer
  • increased risk of heart disease
  • immune system dysfunction
  • damage to the liver, reproductive organs and lungs
  • digestive disorders
  • depressed learning ability
  • impair growth
  • weight gain

Great job America, way to really shoot yourself in the foot. So what are we missing when we replaced traditional oil with these imposters? The Wonderfulness of Saturated:

  • make up 50% of cell membranes
  • needed for calcium absorption (at least half of our fats should be saturated to support a strong skeletal structure)
  • lowers Lp(a) an indicator of heart disease
  • enhances the immune system
  • needed to utilize fatty acids (like omega-3)
  • saturated fats like stearic and palmitic acids are preferred by the heart (which is why the fat around the heart is largely saturated, it can draw from these stores in stressful times)
  • the short and medium chains provide antimicrobial qualities
  • you’ve been told to eat fruits and vegetables right? Ever thought that in order to absorb all those micronutrients and vitamins you need fat-soluble fats like butter in order to utilize them? Simple: enjoy fruits and vegetables with butter to get the most nutrition
  • they are highly stable, which means they are the opposite of the vegetable oils, and do not go rancid. They are made in a straight line so they pack together nicely making them solid or semi-solid at room temperatures. High smoke points make them great for frying.

To me this is all pretty convincing. People stare at me in awe when I tell them my favorite way to get fats:

  • Coconut Oil
  • First-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive oil
  • Ghee or Grass-fed Butter
  • Lard
  • Tallow
  • Goat’s Milk Butter
  • Duck Fat
  • Goose Fat
  • Egg Yolks

I know it goes against what we’ve been taught, but I hope after this weeks posts, you will see how wrong we’ve been. Saturated Fat you are free! These foods however need to be locked up immediately as the REAL criminals.

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