Don’t Feed Big Pharma: Statins

I do have to give statins one thing: they do lower cholesterol. Remember yesterday’s discussion about cholesterol and testing. Traditional testing just give us a total LDL number, but leave us in the dark about the size of the proteins. Are they small/dense or large/buoyant? If you’re eating a carboholic traditional American diet than most likely they’re small/dense. Alright so most of us eat this way, so then we just pop a pill and we’re cured. What the drug companies don’t want to tell you (because they’re making bank off of prescribing this: it costs $900-$1400 for a year) is that you can lower your cholesterol through lifestyle change (this is a whole lot cheaper if you ask me). But why would we want to do that? Why would we give up our grains and pastas and cakes if we can just take a pill to take care of things? Who cares if the drug lowers all my levels and doesn’t change the root of our health problems (inflammation)? I’m going to keep shoving these inflammatory foods down my throat because I like them. I’ll sleep when I’m dead (do you need more). Side effects, who cares about those either? The pharmaceutical drug companies are getting PAID for our ignorance and laziness.What’s going On:

For cholesterol production, CoA combines with HMG. This requires an enzyme that goes by the name of HMG-CoA reductase. Statins inhibit this, while also inhibiting a host of other functions.

The Ugly Truth about Statins:

  • Do not reduce the risk of death in 95% of the population
  • Studies have shown that aspirin would be just as effective (and a whole hell of a lot cheaper 20 x as cost-effective to be precise).
  • Muscle pain and weakness is the most common side effect (this is probably due to the depletion of CoQ10, which you’ll remember is important for heart health too). Sadly it is more common in individual, who are active than those that are sedentary.
  • Increased risk of nerve damage
  • Although we’ve seen a decrease in heart attacks, the number of heart failure (likely due to interference with CoQ10) has increased and overshadowed this.
  • Dizziness
  • Seem to cause a range of cognitive problems (especially in the elderly)
  • In every rodent study they have caused cancer, but with human studies it’s hard to tell because cancer takes a longer time to develop than most of the studies last.
  • Depresses the immune system (something that can further fuel the cancer risk)
  • Low cholesterol is associated with depression

I don’t even take vitamins, so I’m sure as hell not going to pay out for some costly drug that has risks on it own. Natural is my philosophy. Eat a diet without the grains and sugars, take cod liver oil, EAT saturated fat, eat coconut, and don’t chug grocery milk. Practice lifestyle habits that promote health like stress management and sleep. Don’t feed into the Big pharma who are concerned about money, especially when aspirin is just as affective!

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