Butt Lift

The butt, how many of us truly like our backside? Look at this picture, wouldn’t you like to have a butt like that? This actually reminds me of being in Gulf Shores a couple of years ago, hanging out with a group of Brazilians. They loved to show their bodies, especially their ‘bum bums’. They take pride in their tush as they should. Been then that has me thinking, because the butt is one of the most highly trafficked visual areas. Think about it? Guys its always are you a boob or a butt kind of guy? I admit that I check out guys asses all the time. We like a firm tight looking butt, plain and simple. So how do you get this tight Brazilian butt? Well, Brazilian, Leonardo Carvalho, has brought butt shaping to the US. Did you know that the butt is actually comprised of three separate muscles (which are also so of the strongest):

  • Gluteus Maximus
  • Gluteus Medius
  • Gluteus Minimus

The butt lift works basically by targeting all areas with the triangle method of training, so that you get an overall nice tone and shape (plus the music and dance help slim). It incorporates a combination of:

  • plies squats
  • plyometric moves
  • power moves

So who may want to do a Butt Lift Class? If your behind is saggy, flat, jiggly or flabby you may want to try one. If you’ve got fatty thighs and hips, saddlebags or cellulite you may want to try.  An easy way to test is to stick a pencil under your butt. If the pencil holds, you need lifted (Just like to point out that my mother and I passed, whereas my sister and some others did not, so we are not only the smart asses of the family but the tight asses). After a couple of sessions, mom, I and our clients who have done it definitely feel tight in the butt. You can take measurements to track your progress. Come play with us Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:15 and 7 pm.

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