In Defense of Fat

In looking for inspiration for today’s article I look into my purse, and what do I find? My New Wise Traditions booklet, from the Weston A. Price Organization. We are the local chapter and I have taken away so much information from their site (which I have tried to relay as best I can to you). Thanks to them I have discovered liver, butter, fermentation, bone broths, raw grass-fed dairy, flora, kombucha, and more. They have turned me into a traditionalist, focusing on what food is doing for me. How can I make sure my food is as healthy as possible. Flipping through the booklet, I first run across fat and then I am transported to this morning: You mean we should eat fat? That goes against everything I’ve learned the last 20 years. Bingo! That’s what we’ve been taught since the low-fat trend started in the 70’s (although I don’t think we necessarily consume less fat, it’s just crappy fat hiding in hidden sources). I have a hard time even with those in the medical field. What about my cholesterol. Even though I think fat-awareness is on the rise, the conventional wisdom of the 70’s is dying a slow hard death. Today we shall review the fat that we’ve covered several times, which there are numerous articles on. So what did the Weston Price say?

  • Arachidonic Acid is bad? Wrong, they assume that this fat (coming from animals) is pro-inflammatory. Actually deficiency produces inflammatory symptoms: dandruff, hair loss, infertility, irritated red, sore, swollen, and scaly skin. True, it used to initiate inflammation, but we also use it to suppress inflammation or to resolve inflammation once it has run its course. It is used to: make cell-to-cell junctions to form barriers against toxins and pathogens, to let the flora create an environment that is tolerant to protein, and to make lipoxins that resolve existing inflammation.
  • This one is new to me, but apparently lately the Guidelines have been suggesting that ‘solid fats’ (butterfat for one) are empty calories. Of course these kinds of recommendations lend themselves favorably to cheap corn oils. Studies have shown that butterfat increases the absorption of vitamin E, and the more fat added, the greater the absorption of fat-soluble vitamin (you know A and D that you HAVE to have). Does this sound empty to you? I think not, butter please!
  • The old saturated fat is bad and polyunsaturated fat myth: not only have they not fully proven that saturated fat is correlated with heart disease, but have shown that vegetable oils are more likely to promote cancer and heart disease.

This is just the tip of the iceburg on why fat is great. Click the links below for more information. Another interesting bit was a chart comparing the virtually heart-disease free Pacific Islanders consuming higher amounts of saturated fat to Americans consuming more polyunsaturated. Tokelau consumed 54% saturated and only 2% polyunsaturated. We on the other hand consumed 33% saturated fat and 7% polyunsaturated fat. Even though more than half their calories are coming from saturated fat, they are healthier and have less heart disease. Hmm. . .think about that for a second. It’s like I say in orientation, we live in a country that demonizes fat, yet the healthiest areas in the world (those lacking in disease rates) are eating fat. What grabbed me the most in Extra Virginity was that the village of Krista on Crete, its inhabitants consume 50 liters of olive oil per person per year! Holy cow and we say not to eat fat. Why would you want to avoid fat? It is awesome, I mean butter? Come on, and coconut? Don’t even get me started on my affinity/obsession with the Tree of Life. My tongue craves and loves fat. It doesn’t salivate over Pizza Hut, but yearns and begs for a juicy venison steak soaked in grass fed ghee (or better yet goat’s milk butter). So why are we avoiding and trying to cut out something so delicious and nourishing that are bodies want with all its being? Because some doctor/study/company concerned with money and profit, told us too. Research, there’s all kinds of information out there on the benefits of fat. Start with the Weston Price and go from there. Try it, what does it hurt for a month or a couple of weeks? FAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT!

Fat-Soluble Vitamins


The Truth about Fat

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