Featured Food: Buffalo

Recently I started switching in some buffalo with my venison and grass-fed beef cycle. Then all the studies came out about red-meat, so I figured this would be an appropriate food to discuss today. Why would I think would be appropriate? Well to start with, they are not allowed to give buffalo hormones. That means they are raised with all the questionable growth hormones, additives, and antibiotics. Some other great things about buffalo is:

  • Rich in CLA
  • it has 30% more protein, yet 70-90% less fat than beef
  • higher in iron
  • more B12

Sweet, so your not getting all the injected junk, plus you’re getting more benefits than with beef? Ground Buffalo is pretty easy to find anywhere, and I think that I have occasionally located some steaks at Baeslar’s Market (and I know Dr. Sharifi has found some at Whole Foods). Or you can order from one of my favorite sites: US Wellness Meat. Note that it can have a slightly sweeter taste, and it cooks faster than beef. Yum!

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