Women Testerone/Estrogen

Wednesday’s post are usually dedicated to exercise and today’s topic indirectly deals with this. I get this all the time: I don’t want to get bulky, I want to tone, blah. .blah. . blah. Let’s clear up some of these hormones. Firstly testosterone and estrogen are vital for BOTH sexes, but as women, estrogen is the dominant hormone. You do need testosterone, however, but you do not produce enough naturally to make you bulky. The women in our pictures are flexing, they do not have bulging biceps standing still. Secondly look at this picture, this woman clearly looks healthy? Is strength a bad thing? Would you rather look like the next picture, where the woman clearly has no muscle mass? Plus most of the time you’re coming here for weight loss, can we really be picky of what your bodies look like when you get there? How about the way it makes it feels or the fact that we’re healthy? I personally like the first picture, she looks strong over-all (deadlift is a great exercise) and just plain fit. The problem with the second one is what I call skinny fat and I know many a woman who desire this and want to be ‘skinny’ at all costs. The problem is that they sacrifice muscle tissue, which is vital. Low lean body mass can put you at risk for sarcopenia (muscle wasting) and osteoporosis later in life. Women already have lower LBM than men, do we want to make it worse by starving our muscles and throwing our hormones out of whack? Back to those hormones: testosterone, you need it:

  • sex drive
  • to make estrogen
  • for lean body mass
  • bone mineralization

Next your dominant hormone: estrogen. it is responsible for:

  • bone mineralization
  • maturation of sex organs
  • mood (low levels are associated with depression)
  • inhibit increase in height
  • increase function of atherosclerotic coronary arteries
  • decreased formation of amyloid plaque in the brain

Of course only in this day of excess, do we have to worry about estrogen overload coming from things in the diet like legumes and soy. Wrap-up: we need estrogen (but not too much coming from soy-based foods) and testosterone, but we do not produce enough to be bulky (but we do want it so that we enough for a healthy LBM).

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One Response to Women Testerone/Estrogen

  1. Great article. I completely agree. My women clients all the time are asking me to train them but don’t want to get bulky. Then I have them use light weights for higher reps and they still don’t believe that they won’t bulk up ha. I have a masters in exercise science and blog about exercise advice and motivational tips if you want to follow. I appreciate your article and will forward it to my women clients that need to focus on lean muscle mass and not starvation!

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