Paleo Restaurants? Yes!

Found another article that I love, this time I discovered that they are opening a Paleo restaurant in Denmark. As I pointed out yesterday Paleo is very trendy right now, but really I don’t think the idea is so far-fetched. A place that serves REAL food: meat, vegetables, fruit and good oil? That doesn’t sound ludicrous or controversial to me, I do think it’s awsome. There of course are going to be skeptics, like Obama’s trainer that they quoted:

Not only are these diet choices somewhat questionable, it’s also worth pointing out that our Stone Age ancestors were not eating factory-farmed meat, which is full of chemicals and hormones. Unless you have a spear handy and access to unlimited buffalo, you are going to have a hard time truly eating like a caveman.

Finally, any diet that is as restrictive as the Paleo Diet is problematic because it requires cavemen-sized willpower, which means many people will soon abandon their hunks of meat for a modern-day helping of lasagna.

He does make a valid point with the factory-farmed meat, however I agree with the article that the importance is the spread of knowledge and this lifestyle. And not the assumption that we are all ‘weak’ and need complex carbs. What do need is to be taught the right things: what good sources of fat to eat, to stay away from insulin raisers like grains, starches and sugars, to get rid of processed foods, to eat (actually to DEMAND) organic fruits and vegetables, and to demand a rise in grass-fed sustainable farming. As for the willpower part, you don’t have to be superhuman to sustain, once taste buds change and you stop eating these three addictive things, then the cravings subside. Like I said I think this restaurant is great (it is actually the second one in Europe, Berlin opened one last year), and if you search there are several in the US (gate-to-plate is a common term too). Of course eating, I vary in opinion slightly,  they’re a little more restrictive (no dairy) and I really like traditional food methods like fermenting, raw foods (like in the case of dairy), sprouting and the use of bone broths. So this all got me wondering what would I serve at a Paulin Paleo restaurant (and part of this could be because I’ve been preparing for cooking class as well), because I have pondered the idea of a restaurant (I’m not trained, but I know what tastes good, and my food tastes good). Of course I would have a killer desert menu:

  • coconut and almond flour cakes, cookies and tart crusts
  • fruit pies  and fruit pizzas
  • coconut milk or raw goats milk ice cream flavors
  • ice cream sandwiches
  • whatever other creative stuff I can think of with clever plating


  • Scone with unique flavor profiles
  • almond flour pancakes (chocolate chip and blueberry and pumpkin and matcha and more)
  • fruit crepes
  • hash browns, bacon and eggs
  • egg casseroles, basically eggs prepared every way; there would be an entire section or page of egg ideas


  • savory soups from chili’s to chicken noodle soups
  • chilled fruit to chilled vegetable soups


  • endless options here

Entrees and Appetizers:

  • pizzas
  • lasagnas
  • rolled and stuffed meat options
  • mac n’ cheese
  • vegetable fries
  • vegetable chips
  • casseroles

Really my mind can just role from one thing to the next (which is why mom has to reign me in on cooking class or I’d have 50 recipes), it would be never ending. I could have a different menu each week for the year! This actually works out for my clients as I’ll be offering myself for one-on-ones (to grocery shop, to prepare meals, whatever they need to get their eating on track). What would you serve or want at a restaurant? Eating out can be a downfall for many, and it  is definitely prevalent for much of the country. So any way to spread awareness and promote real foods is a great idea. Plus it supports local economies. Paleo restaurants: I hope they spread and that we see more articles about ones in the US, rather than ones opening in Europe (one step at a time I guess, next we’ll get those raw milk vending machines). Here is the article: Paleo Restaurants







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