Love the French: Raw Milk Vending Machines

These foreign countries know where its at: the Greeks chugging down olive oil, Pacific Islanders utilizing coconut and now the French installing raw milk vending machines. What are we doing? Trying to outlaw things and recommending piss-poor diets. Did you know that you cannot legally get raw milk in the state of Indiana?After the past hearing they did issue a study to see if unpastuerized dairy is healthy to sell. Indiana Law:

– includes a definition of “raw milk” as “any milk or milk product, including butter, yogurt, cottage cheese, and cheese from any species other than humans that has not been pasteurized according to processes recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration,” not including U.S. Department of Agriculture approved veterinary biologics
– adds conditions to state law that would make animal feed unfit if any part is “filthy, putrid, or decomposed;” if it has been prepared, packed or held under unsanitary conditions; or if includes any diseased animal
– adds specialty pet food to the previously covered commercial feeds and pet foods
–  requires raw milk distributed as commercial feed for animals to be prominently labeled “Not for Human Consumption”
–  requires the animal-health board’s raw milk report to the governor and Legislature to be made available to the public
–  empowers the state chemist to issue subpoenas
Wow! In California, land of the ‘healthy’, they are cracking down on raw dairy producers too. Click this link to learn about the cruel charges being placed on pour farmers: California Persecutes Raw Dairy Farmers (they’re also banding Foie Gras check out this link). So in the land of the free we are punishing farmers and consumers (and risking our health) for selling superior nutritious food, while promoting the sale of ultra-pasteurized sugary watered down crap from supercows raised on grains, injected with hormones? Worse we’re telling our children to drink this? And we can’t get natural milk from grass-fed farms? This does not seem right? And then healthier nations our rubbing in our face their nutritional superiority. What are our vending machines full of? Not raw milk! They’re filled sugar-laced milk, soft drinks, sports drinks, juices and processed shit. Are our children healthy? With this kind of nutrition available at schools, fast-food convenience and processed foods at home, in accordance with decreased activities are kids are growing wider and out-doing their parents in the rates that they are getting various diseases. It’s like a game, how quickly can we get on medications and fuel the money-devouring pharmaceutical industry? I’d say we are definitely winning this game. We seriously have to change our ways because we are going down a dead-end and unfortunately our systems is not helping us any (more coming on this too). Image a country with happy healthy people and raw milk machines! Check out the link below to see why raw is better. For more on our programs check out


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3 Responses to Love the French: Raw Milk Vending Machines

  1. We love our raw milk but have to buy it “for animal consumption” in Oregon. Strangely, goat milk is legal to sell raw…go figure! Awesome post! Love to find other raw lovers 🙂

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