Featured Food: Goat’s Milk Butter

When Dr. Sharifi said that she had bought us some goat’s milk butter, I didn’t really think much about it. Then I tasted it, and found myself adding a teaspoon here and there to my regime, not even cooking with it but just nibbling from the spoon letting my taste buds fully enjoy the creamy richness. Little did I realize the nutritional gold-mine that I had stumbled upon. Add on to this the feelings of deprivation and withholding, when I discovered that goat’s milk is the most consumed milk in the world (with 3/4 of the world drinking it). another instance of living in a country with ass-backwards thinking as we chug down insufficient cows milk, that is overly processed and laced with sugar! The deceit! Then I found out that the magnificent Gandhi used raw goat’s milk to recover from periods of fast and I was in hopeless love with the stuff! Well I am here today to tell you about this gem of health, that is not only good on paper, but good in your mouth (and I have to warn you it doesn’t take much with the richness and leaves you satisfied between meals). Reasons to embrace the goat:

  •  anti-inflammatory
  • increase the ability to metabolize iron and copper
  • closer to mother’s milk than cow’s milk so it is easier to digest and assimilate (50% with lactose intolerances can drink goat’s milk)
  • lower in fat, while maintaining high levels of proteins and essential amino acids
  • 35% fatty acids
  • high in calcium
  • anti-mucousal
  • bioorganic sodium (cows are calcium), meaning it is important for joint mobility and limberness
  • it’s been used traditionally to nourish and regenerate exasted nervous systems
  • high in riboflavin
  • good source fo phosphorus, B12, potassium, selenium, A, D, and Choline

Not to mention that goat’s are handled with all of the injection that cow’s are as well, so they’re less likely to have the risk of all the hormones and what not. If you’re in to the Green movement, they are actually more environmentally friendly than cows, with 6 goats being raised on the same amount of ground that it takes to raise two cows. Hmm . . . I have to say while reading this I am quite consumed with the idea of getting my own goat (I’ll let you know how that goes because they would make the perfect addition to my little primal existance and shed lifestyle). What are you waiting for? Nutritional supremacy, Green, yummy taste; it sounds like a must to me! For more on our programs check out our website at www.bodychange.net.

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