Featured Food: Tallow

Yesterday’s post got me excited and I could not wait until Friday to talk to you about tallow. Most have heard of lard before, but when I mention tallow they look at me quizzically. Tallow is the rendered fat from cows, bison and sheep. Tallow and lard were the fat of yester-years, that our grandparents used not only for cooking but candles and soaps. So why have we stopped using it and why have they been thrown from favor? To start the creation of margarine at the turn of the century, advertising propaganda and the hit of the low-fat trend that demonized saturated fats. As we good fat-burners know there is nothing to fear of good healthy fats like the tallow we are going to talk about, but run from the trans fat created by processing and the rancid vegetable oils heated at extremely high temperatures. What is good about tallow:

  • higher in CLA
  • extremely stable
  • high smoke point
  • enhance immune system
  • build and strengthen bones and teeth
  • energy and structural integrity of cells
  • protect liver
  • enhance the use of essential fatty acids
  • does not rancid easily
  • does not irritate artery walls
  • does not call on the body’s antioxidant reserve
  • good source of stearic acid that you’re heart enjoys
  • protects against degenerative disease
  • only 3% polyunsaturated
  • retains omega-3’s better in the tissues

Keep in mind that the nutrition correlates with the nutrition of the animal (hence yesterday’s emphasis of grass-fed). It’s great for frying and baking. It’s nutritious, satisfying and yummy! For more on our programs check out www.bodychange.net.

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