Getting to Know the Women of BC: Susan

Owner, Mother, Grandmother and Kettlebell Queen

Brittany has asked me for awhile now to write this, and it took me this long to gather my thoughts, but here it is. This all came into my life when Jim brought home a book that related to getting fit and changing your eating habits. The one line that caught my attention was when one of the testimonials said that if you were a pear shape women or an apple shape women you could diet and do cardio till the cows came home but if you did not do some strength training along with it and get your eating in line then you would just become a smaller version of that same shape. WOW the lights came on for me, anytime I needed to shed a few pounds I would just stop eating (this was not too hard because I tended not to eat much anyway) and I would wonder why I was always still not happy with the way I looked. So we decided that we would do it together. Our kids were at the age where they were becoming very active in sports and we were asking them to put forth effort while we were sitting on our butts watching so this gave us the incentive we needed to get started. We documented our progress along the way with pictures every 4 weeks, our kids found this very funny. 12 Weeks later I was turning 40 and my oldest daughter gave me my 1st bikini in 25 years, my reply was are you sure I’m not too old for this, and she said I would not have got it if I thought you would not look good in it. I have not worn a one piece since.

If you have followed Jim’s story then you know how he started the business in our garage and I was working at the grocery store. After he moved into town he came home one day and said I want you to quit your job and come work for me. I was very excited to come join his team, he was just getting ready to move to a new location and we had a lot of hard work ahead of us. I was in Menards one day getting materials for the new building when it hit me like a blow to the stomach that I was a 45 year old women who had just quit her job of 24 years to become a fitness instructor, was I insane or what ( I was literally having a panic attack in the middle of the store). I got in the car and drove back to the shop to tell my husband this was not going to work out, but when I got there he had a client waiting for me, as I worked with her a calmness came over me and I realized that everything was going to be fine because I really loved working with these people and how rewarding it was. I still feel that way today , I am so fortunate to have a job I love to do. We get to meet new people all the time, they have all had a part in helping me to become a better person and I hope that in return I have helped them to become better as they go through their journey with us.

In closing I would like to say that this journey has been a great experience and I would not have traded it for the world. As a family it made us bond together and at times it put us at each other throats but at the end of the day its always good because like I said we have a passion for what we do. I would like take this time to thank all of you who have welcomed us into your life, I really appreciate the chance of getting to know and serve you.

Sincerely Susan

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