Risk of Antibiotics?

Antibiotics seem to be pretty wise-spread these days and common practice, but is something that is supposed to be making you better, also putting you at risk? It’s become common for us to recognize a ‘symptom’ and then prescribe a drug to get rid of this actual sign of illness. All we’ve done is managed the condition rather than curing it, driving the illness deeper in our bodies. What’s worse is that antibiotics:

Powerful medications that fight bacterial infections. Kill bacteria or keep them from reproducing.

Notice bacterial infection, why then do trips to the hospital for viruses: colds, flu, asthma, allergies, bronchitis, etc. end up with antibiotic prescriptions (and most trips to the pediatrician)? Worse still is that overuse can of course lead to resistance, so when you really need them to work you’ve built up a tolerance and are therefore screwed?  There are other unwanted affects as well, and if you’ve been following the last month, you may be able to guess that we are going back to the gut. Antibiotics can’t decipher between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria. Therefore your good flora takes a hit. This is bad news for immunity and future health problems. As many of us probably aren’t born with stellar flora, we probably shouldn’t add to it by overprescribing antibiotics. The child gets an ear infection. We treat it with a round of antibiotics. Diminish flora, they get another infection and we go through around another round of antibiotics; depleting flora more. Notice the pattern that continues through life? Plus studies are starting to pop up that they could be making us fatter with their disruption of flora. Want more? Most of the antibiotics in this country are actually given to animals. Therefore, that meat you’re getting at the store (unless it says otherwise), probably comes from a supercow fed antibiotics. There is also mounting evidence that their use may play role in development of:

  • Colitis
  • Food intolerances
  • Behavioral problems
  • Joint conditions (ankylosing and rheumatoid arthritis)

Clearly antibiotics have there use, but over prescription (especially for conditions that aren’t even bacterial) may be damaging our flora, waistlines and our ability to actually use them effectively. Basically today is another reason to get a grip on our eating and lifestyle from and earlier age and pay closer attention to what’s gong on in the gut. For more on our fat-burner weight-loss programs check out our website at bodychange.net.

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