Getting to Know the Women of BC: Jeannine

With all of the changes coming to Body Change this week (departure of Jim and ownership turned-over to Brittany and Susan), we figured it’d good to feature the Women of Body Change with little bios to better get to know the staff. Brittany has been prevalently featured on here, but it would be good for Jeannine and Sue to practice their writing and share their stories too. Many will stumble upon this site and seek it out looking for answers about weight loss. There is a little about section, but still people are going to wander, what (or who) is Body Change? Who the hell are these people and why should I listen to them, they’re not doctors? No we are not licensed doctors (although we consult and deal with several), but as you will see, we have been changes ourselves and tested all of our methods and researched thoroughly all of our information. Part of mastering a skill is to continually gain knowledge and study; something we do everyday to stay on top of the current health epidemic. Life is essentially an experiment (and obviously experimenting with the government’s food recommendations is on only making us fatter and sicker), eating is the same way. With ten years of history of success and keeping off 100 lbs (Jim the founder), we feel confident that we are on the right path, not only weight loss, but longevity and health. We look younger than ever and feel better eating like fat-burners. So without further ado we would like to let you get to know us each a little better, beginning today with our head-trainer Jeannine, who has been with us since the beginning:

Well it all started for me about 10 years ago at my sister in laws pool side. My nephew gave me this challenge. He and his girl friend (at that time )had just started this trial program with Jim and was struggling thru it all. I accused him of over reacting and he them gave me this challenge. My sister and brother-in-law and myself went to speak with Jim about this program. I was an avid distant runner at that time and hated every minute of running, but I did it thinking I was doing myself some good. I never did get any strength or defined while I was running. When I spoke with Jim he promised me I would never have to run distance again and I would get toned and defined with his program. I started that very moment. It took me awhile to understand that it was all about the eating not the exercising. I finished with the 84 day program and continued on with the eating program and continued on with the work outs. I followed Jim from the garage to a new north location and then to another south location. At this time is when Jim approach me to come on board with him to be a trainer. I have been working now with Jim for about 4 years and since I have become a fat burner and a kettle bell trainer. I started at 28% body fat and I have maintained between 12% and 16% body fat for the entire 10 years. My body has become toned and my health is better than ever. I have also maintained my high energy level from the very beginning of the program. Thanks to Jim he has saved me from having knee and hip problems. Jeannine M. James

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