Malnutrition and childhood violence?

I think it can go without saying that today’s world is drastically different from the Leave it to Beaver days and yonder years. In order to keep up with the Jones’ and support our families, most parents work, leaving more time for others to raise our children and more time unsupervised. We’re so wrapped up in our worlds, that sometimes it’s easier or more convenient for us to let them play their games or watch TV. Gone seem to be the days of family dinners, and play (game nights and days playing outside in the fresh air). We shuttle them from school early in the morning to practice to practice, grabbing something processed and junk driven that works with our busy schedules. How much time do we truly devote to our children? Eating with them, playing, laughing, helping them with their homework, trips where we don’t just breeze through attractions and an itinerary, but truly enjoy each others company? How often do we tell them how great they are? We start their conditioning, like our own conditioning started, keeping up the perpetual cycle and increasing problems of our society as we all look to fit in to what others and society tells us we should be.  This and growing amounts of violence in the media, domestic violence, can all feed into the cycle; but could malnutrition also play a role? Yesterday we looked at how our flora affects their health, but can eating be producing angry, violent children? Let’s look at some of things that I have found about malnutrition and potential links to this theory:

  • B1 (thiamine) deficiency can lead to irritability and poor behavior
  • B12 deficiency is linked to toxic brain syndrome, paranoia, violence, depression and in some cases bi-polar disorder
  • Excess lead is associated with ADD, lower IQ, and neuropsychological dysfunction
  • Too much mercury (which good flora examined yesterday can take care of mercury entering the system) is linked to: ataxia, deafness, poor vision, confusion, violence, dullness, and degeneration of nerves
  • A deficiency of iodine affects brain growth
  • Cobalt is needed for balance of the nervous system
  • Iron deficiency can lead to poorer mental performance
  • Excess copper can cause neurological degeneration
  • Excess manganese can be toxic to the nervous system
  • Zinc deficiency can lead to behavior disorders and neurotransmitter function
  • A lack of fat-soluble vitamins (A and D) can lead to ill-absorption of minerals that can protect against too many toxic minerals

 How many adults have balanced mineral and vitamin health? Exactly, so how can our children’s junk food diet and pop consumption lend them to have proper balance? Even though our youth may be consuming too many calories, they’re malnourished. Isn’t that funny to think about? Our kids our overfed and porky, yet malnourished, something is seriously wrong here. And we don’t help them with our poor diets during pregnancy and childhood feedings. Here are some modern goodies that could be lending themselves to violence as well:

  • Soy formula: more manganese than the baby can handle. High levels are associated with violent criminal tendencies
  • Sugar and white flour: contribute to high calorie malnutrition
  • Soft drinks: too much phosphorus, creating calcium deficiencies. More malnutrition and overworking of the adrenal glands to deal with the caffeine (more nutrient deficiencies)
  • Coffee and tea: caffeine once again and tannins that mess with B1 absorption
  • MSG: associated violent behavior
  • Vegetable oil: too much omega-6 interfering with omega-3 utilization that are needed for brain function

 Again violence is more complex than just food, but we can clearly see that the poor nutrition of our youth could be spurring some of these violent tendencies. Again and again food is responsible for more than our growing weight problem (it almost seems as if the poundage is becoming less problem than the true problems of health and disease in this country. Who cares about the vanity of wanting to be ‘thin’, when we’re making ourselves and our children worse?) We’re meaner, fatter, depressed and diseased. How much worse are we going to let it get before we get off our lazy asses and change our lifestyles? No magic pill is going to reverse this. Don’t you want a better life for your children?


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