Flora for their Future

Today’s post should come as no surprise to anyone who has been on here before, but today we are going back to the stomach (and therefore nutrition), to look at some of the conditions that your child may face. Let’s start with a little refresher. The long tube that runs from mouth to anus makes the digestive system. The world of the intestines is littered with flora, comprised of 4-6 six pounds of bacteria, yeasts, and viruses. Yes you need bacteria (good) in order to battle the bad bacteria and foreign invaders that get in. Whether you get sick or not depends on whether your good flora outnumbers the bad. Today we have many things going against our flora and we pass this on to our little ones. Children our inherently sterile, as you push them out of your vagina they swallow and take on your flora. So if you’re gut is shot to hell (or your spouses is), so will your precious bundle of joy’s. With 84% of immunity located in your gut wall, this is a problem. Is it really a surprise then that autistic children (a growing trend, hardly recognized before but more prevalent today so that 1 in 150 is diagnosed) have a parent with faulty flora? Before we look at what problems this may cause, let’s see what is harming your flora. Well to begin with, like I already mentioned, we inherent shitty flora systems from our parents. Next antibiotics and birth control pills are prevalent in this society; both of these deplete flora. Add on top of that the average American diet, junk food, processed foods and polyunsaturated omega-6 dependence, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, stress, a loss of natural probiotic foods (fermented), radiation and more; so does it really seem plausible that anyone is walking around with good flora. It’s no wonder our children are at risk. So how does this translate? Well to start, because a large percentage of immunity is based in the gut, the child begins life with a compromised immune system. This then sets them up for:

  • Eczema
  • Colic
  • Asthma
  • Blocked noses
  • Allergies

Do any of these look familiar? I know a see these in my grandbabies. It’s sad that this is just kind of the norm today. The compromised immune system starts overproducing mucus leading to the next common condition: ear infections (80% of family doctor visits are for ear infections, something again I’ve seen in my children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews). What does the doctor do? He prescribes an antibiotic (do you see the cycle that is going to come? We prescribe the antibiotic, compromise the flora a little more until it comes back and we prescribe an antibiotic again until eventually we are faced with the nasty decision to have draining tubes placed in our little baby’s ear. Another case of fixing the symptom rather than getting to the root of the problem-bad immunity caused by bad flora- and changing the baby’s lifestyle and future while they’re young). Next common condition, chest infections, is again treated with antibiotics. At this point I’m really starting to question if we really love our children or we just take in everything the doctor (an assortment of specialized doctors) says to us. Next it’s time to start weaning them from the bottle with the traditional recommendation of cereals and pasteurized dairy that further wreck havoc on their flora, spilling into the blood stream, before they end up in the brain, creating learning disabilities. What’s sad is that digestive health is at the root of most conditions, which means it is treatable with diet (not shots or drugs, but something simple like food). We should look more closely into probiotics and natural probiotic foods. ADHD, autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and ADD have all increased. A bunch of symptoms that we usually diagnose as one of these, so that our young just grow up to be adults with problems as well. Start with your gut and heal it, and see how the rest fairs out. When our we going to realize its not about calories in vs. calories out, but the nutrition of the foods we eat, how they interact and their utilization that keep us strong and healthy. It’s important, though if you’re planning to have a baby that you and your partner straighten out your only flora to give your baby a fighting chance for a healthy babyhood.

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