Damages of High Fructose Corn Syrup

By this point in the week I hope you’re starting to grasp the serious wrongs found in processed food. Today’s post is yet another example of how we have sacrificed our wellbeing and future to save the almighty dollar and to make a few individuals rich while the rest of us pay in inflammation and disease. Most by now should have heard about High Fructose Corn Syrup and most may even know about some of the dangers (but then there are those stupid commercial that say sugar is sugar and people believe them), but we’ll delve deep and see what we can stir up about this nasty entity. See sugar used to come primarily from sugar beets or sugar cane (notice that word sugar is actually in the derivative). Well of course some genius had to come up with some way to concoct and morph corn into a sugar. Now the process is complex, so we’ll skip the details and keep it simple. Basically genetically modified corn is taken and turned into sugar by genetically modified enzymes (check out this weeks post on GM foods). Even the process is more drawn out it is still cheaper to produce than regular sugar (like I pointed out I live in the Midwest and see my fair share of corn field after corn field). Here we go, we have created something that the food industry loves: cheap, sweet, easy to store and it mixes well with other foods. The processing firms may have hit the jackpot here, but we, we are losers in this scenario. But what is the increase in fructose costing us, besides potentially our lives in the long run? Let’s look at fructose first. Fructose is found in fruit rights, so how is it bad? Ah, fruits have a proportional ratio of fructose to glucose, plus it has this little thing called fiber that slows down the metabolism of fructose. You can betcha that this is not the case with HFCS. We can manipulate (doesn’t that just sound like a dirty word, and we’re talking about food for crying out loud!) corn syrup so it has equals parts fructose to glucose or we can make it up to 80% fructose and 20% glucose (as you can tell this probably means trouble, as this is twice the amount of fructose that is found in traditional sugar). Worse is that is absorb very quickly. Being that our consumption of sugar has only risen, and so has the amount of fructose too, you can see there are some serious implications. Here are some suggested wrongdoings of HFCS and excess fructose in conjunction with glucose:

  • promotes disease even more so than glucose, because glucose is metabolized by all cells and fructose by the liver (more work for your poor liver)
  • has no enzymes, vitamins, and minerals
  • robs the body of micronutrients
  • HFCS has much ‘free’ fructose, which in turn can interfere with some minerals that are essential to the heart (magnesium, copper and chromium for example)
  • associated high blood cholesterol and forming blood clots
  • jacks with white blood cells job of defending the body from foreign invaders
  • browns food 7 times faster than glucose, which can decrease the protein quality
  • messes with insulin and its receptors so that you actually have to produce more insulin to deal with the same amount of glucose
  • increase uric acid concentration (can be a warning of heart disease)
  • increase lactic acid (extreme levels can increase the risk of metabolic acidosis)
  • if we consume more fructose than glucose the liver cannot handle the conversion and it is malabsorbed
  • for women on the pill it can raise insulin
  • mineral loss (iron, magnesium)
  • accelerates aging with oxidative damage
  • can interfere with copper metabolism and  copper deficiency is linked to: bone fragility, anemia, defects of connective tissue, arteries and bone, infertility, heart attack, heart arrhythmias, inability to control blood sugar
  • it is the main sweetener in pop and a majority of schools (especially middle and high schools) have vending machines on site

Sensitivity to fructose, like most things, of course is going to vary from person to person; but for most fruit is a couple of times a day is not harmful. Processed foods though, that’s a problem. I hope that what you learned this week is to look and think when you are at the grocery store. To steer closer to the natural whole foods (preferably organic) and less processed foods that are laden not only with HCFS, but are genetically modified and laced with MSG. Read the labels and get yourself familiar with what you buying, where you buying it from, and what it is going to do your body, because you could be putting yourself at risk. For more on our fat-burner weight loss program check out our website at bodychange.net.

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