Life in spite of death: What really matters

Motivation Monday with Brittany:  I don’t know why, but the last few years at this time so many people that have been in my life and my family’s lives have passed (actually I do believe stress can trigger disease and Holiday’s can be stressful for some). First my grandfather, the Holidays or any supposed happy condition took him to the bottle and he crashes his truck at the end of October and hangs on until my uncle’s birthday on November 30th (alcoholism is a very real disease too). Include his sister, and an Aunt. Last year my aunt is diagnosed with lung cancer after it is already in stage four. Come to this year when it begins with a beloved client losing her longtime battle with cancer. Last month a family friend loses his wife and last week my mom’s cousin Tim loses his battle with colon cancer at only 45 years of age. I fully believe that these loses could have been prevented, but lifestyle and Americas change in lifestyle have caused these. Alcoholism, cigarettes and lastly sugar (yes sugar) hold tight grips on many. I’d already been evolving towards this idea of food and habits as preventive and life extending, but in the light of these loses I truly believe it and my passion grows by the second of the importance of what I am doing. Listening to my father talk last Tuesday, this resonates even more. That is one thing about my father, love him or not he is passionate. I sit in the crowd of new members looking for a healthier self in the New Year and I am captivated by his vocalization of being pissed off at sugar (if you know my father you know this is exactly how he said it). Quitting smoking and picking up weight (and sugar), then 9 months later, you’re in the hospital and dead? How many people today actually die of old age? Cancers, cardiovascular problems, Alzheimer’s (we don’t even know who we are at the ends of our life anymore), and more run rampant in this country. What is to blame? Like I mentioned it’s about lifestyle. In researching the last couple of weeks, we have really dug ourselves a whole the last few decades. Our ancestors didn’t have these conditions. But they had sorter life expectancies? One thing about science is that it has elongated life, but we have also gotten a tight grasp on everything. Before if we showed any decline, we were lunch for the sabor-toothed tiger. Day-to-day life was about surviving and eating what was available in nature. Now we load our stomachs and our children’s stomachs with crap. A month ago we did a post on 140 plus reasons that sugar is bad for you. Its one thing to read this but another to apply it to your life. What if someone you know was killing them with destructive behavior, wouldn’t you try and help? Don’t we stage interventions for alcoholics? Sugar may seem like a joke, but aren’t you sick of visiting your loved ones in the hospital plugged into machines with wires littering their bedside? Don’t we want to make the future for our children better? I look at my sister and it scares me. She is ‘fragile’ with two autoimmune diseases. She is a known sugarholic (she can’t go a day without a little sweet). I worry for my nephews, who already have respiratory problems and allergies. Are they next? This drives me to push it further. For me Body Change and my job are not about dieting or even weight loss (although being overweight is not healthy, a certain percentage is best); it’s about health; about a lifestyle. I am eating for my future, for my potential children’s future. My father says he is not going to touch sugar this year. I’m right there with him and I actually can’t tell you a time that I have touched it the last couple of years. Although I’m not at my lowest percentage, you’re not going to find anyone healthier than me. The last three years I have been sick for maybe 6 hours (and I must say that was a flu that took my own father out for 2 weeks). My sister and nephews seem to be coming down with something all the time. I wake up each day and say ‘today I am going to be good with my eating, today I am not going to poison myself.’ My family and friends aren’t going to have to worry about visiting in the hospital for chemo-treatments, I’m not going to be dependant on medications later on in life, and most importantly I am going to remember them. I am very cautious about what I put in my mouth (too much structure can’t work, you’ve got to cheat sometimes- no manmade and processed things are poisonous and they’re not going in my mouth). I’m going to pay out more for grass-fed or pasture-raised, organic plant foods and spends hours in a tree to procure meat, make bone broths, ferment my own vegetables; rather than pay to the pharmaceutical industry later on in life. I have been to the hospital once since I was seven (and they couldn’t tell me what was wrong- shocker), and I only plan on going there if I break one of the life laws of doing something stupid, not because I am sick. Doctors and hospitals are great at fixing, not really in prevention. Here I’ll give you this drug that will fix your cholesterol (for instance), but then we pile up other problems. Why don’t we look at what is causing the inflammation and reparative cholesterol? You have to change your lifestyle in order to have a long, healthy life plain and simple. There is no magic pill to take for the rest of your life. You are not going to out smart your body, it is an intricate system of checks and balances that we don’t even come close to understanding completely. I’ll sleep when I’m dead or I’ll eat healthy tomorrow (and put it off for a day and then another day) or I want to lose weight at any cost (anyone can lose weight, but it doesn’t make you healthier and you may be setting yourself up for more problems later on). Today (over and over again I talk about today), eat today for your future. For yourself and for others. People come here and want to see instance results and they want weight loss. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about your health and I am here to give them the tools for that. Eating and good habits are a skill, they must be practiced all the time. Don’t worry about what the scale is going to say next week, but what you can do today to make yourself better (and in doing so you will lose, consequentially, without even thinking about it). We don’t want to be the aunt dying of cancer and then saying, what if. . . .  Don’t leave your love ones morning over something you can try and fix now. Food, stress control and sleep now are essential for your tomorrow, chew on that!  Don’t put your health are the backburner, but make it your little daily mission. Remember Today!

BE, Love, Illuminate


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