Featured Food: Blood

Blood may seem a little grotesque, but I’ve been on a primal kick eating deer hearts and liver, so why not journey into the realm of cooking or utilizing blood in recipes. The idea of using blood today may seem far-fetched, but it actually has a rich history of use but has gone out of style, and I plan on helping it make a come back (right here, right now with this post). Food prep using the whole animal has been used traditionally by cultures throughout the world. Some even consume it raw. A prime example of this would be the Maasai in Africa, a semi-nomadic tribe. Interestingly they do not usually kill their cattle, which are used in trade, but use careful bloodletting that does not endanger the animals, and consume their blood (hmm. . . tasty). The Mongols (famous and feared warriors), who were described by Marco Polo in his travels, drank a cup of blood daily. In Poland, czarnina is a duck’s blood soup (interestingly when suitors were rejected they were sent away with czarnina in consolation). There are blood soups in other cultures as well: tiet cahn in North Vietnam (with ginger, green herbs and sometimes peanuts) where they claim it will make you strong, svartsoppa is made in Sweden to celebrate the feast of St. Martin’s Day. Sausage is another way to prepare sausage. Some may have heard of black pudding in the UK, but it too has its hands in other socities: blutwurst in Germany, morcilla in Spain, boudin noir in France and xue doufou in China. As this country tends to favor foods in tube form, this may be a way to incorporate blood for those with quiesier stomachs. What about nutritionally?

  • lots of protein
  • minerals (especially iron, which should be a no-brainer)
  • a rich source of vitamin D if the source is wild or raised on pasture

Blood can be highly perishable, so keep that in mind. But it can be saved and frozen if you add a tablespoon or tow of vinegar (use within 3 months). Pretty interesting, right? You can find recipes for different sausages and soups. And as always use trusty sources to procure your blood. Who needs breads and grains when you have wholesome rich blood? For more on our fat-burner weight loss program check out our website at bodychange.com

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