Time, the Best Gift

Time with my Father

Motivation Monday with Brittany: Reflecting this week and thinking of the approaching Holidays with all their traditions and bringing together of friends and family; I couldn’t help but ponder about what is important to me this time of year. Events as the week unfolded, however, revealed to me that time and the little in between moments are better than the grand gestures or the presents. We spend small fortunes and stress over presents detailed in our lengthy list  of wish list. The newest gadgets and toys. We overwhelm our children with IPods, cell phones, computers, gaming system, etc. Once we’re older we buying them the newest trends in clothing and then eventually household goods. We flock to malls and retail stores looking for steals so that we can save the most, feeling like we’ve come out on top. In my quest the last year to dematerialize myself and focus less on the things in my life, but to concentrate on the people I realize these things are irrelevant in the scheme of my happiness the last year. The clothes will go out of style and later on we’ll have one of those what in the hell was I thinking moments. The technology will expand and a newer version of that phone will come out after you get the new one. So you spend all this time and effort in searching for these and once you get them, then you spend all this time looking after and taking care of your things; when instead you can spend time with the people. They’re not going to remember the objects. The last week I’ve noticed this especially and have been soaking up and collecting memories that I can pull down for the road. Things that put a real smile on my face and light up my heart when I think about them. Tuesday nights my parents pick up one of my nephews, but this last week my father was in deer camp, so I slept over with mom and Trenton. We wore our Christmas pj’s and onsies, as we cuddled up on the bed to watch Rudolph, while Trenton would intermittently pop up his perfectly curled blonde head and give a toothful smile. In cooking (as I know that food is a tradition for most during the Holidays and also a meme for them eating poorly), I realize that it’s not the end product that matters, but the process. We tend to gorge ourselves on the Holidays, rather than enjoying the process. Here I am with Trenton as he pulls up his stool (he loves to help in the kitchen), and I am filled with so much love and appreciation as this little boy stands here with me making almond flour ginger whoopie pies. He asks a million questions, before he then explains it again to me and his nana: “Bwittney (they like to throw a w in my name) what’s that? Why you doin that? oh. . dis is for the filling. . . We got to bake it now. . .we got to bake it now. . . and so-on and so-on.” Once they’re done then I get to watch him enjoy his hard work. The love and experience of working together is more important than the food. On Friday I join my father in deer camp, although we didn’t see any deer the important thing was the time we had. I’m walking out of the woods not upset because I still hadn’t gotten a deer, but thankful. What other 24 year-old woman gets to spend the night with their Dad and brother camping, hunting, cracking jokes (mostly me and Cliff getting on Dad, who had fallen apart by then) out in the country? Fast forward to Saturday, when my father is overjoyed to take me hunting in this winter wheat field. With great teamwork I shoot my first deer of the season (a monster doe) and work together to track it down. Trenton and my come to help us deliver home, and Trenton holds his Buzz Light Year flashlight over the deer so that I can field dress it (asking 100 questions again and then explaining to his nana and papa what is going on). As we traipse along in the dark I take a mental picture as I have Trenton running beside me (before he routinely would face plant before giving in to fits of laughter that me and mom couldn’t help joining in on, while told was trying to hush us as we were going through people’s yards) and my parents, who have been married for over 30 years, silhouettes I can see in front of me in the night light pulling the deer slay. It’s just not something that happens everyday, or to everyone. When I apply this to the Holdiay, when I appreciate what I have and who I have I don’t need anything else in my life. If you’re not thankful for what you already have, then how are you going to be happy with your new toys? So when I tell my friends I don’t want anything for Christmas I mean it; give it to someone who doesn’t have anything for I am content in my life and I’ll take these little moments anytime. I’ll remember the Christmas party with my friends more MoFriday than I will the presents that they get me. Time spent with friends and family, relishing in the moments, creating memories is all I want for Christmas. Happy Holiday’s to all, whatever your belief!

BE, Love, Illuminate


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2 Responses to Time, the Best Gift

  1. Mary Auten says:

    I enjoyed reading this Brittany! It is so true.
    Have a Merrry Christmas!

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