Cheers to Lacto-Fermented Drinks

Not until recently with my researching into dairy and the wonderful world of Flora, have I been introduced to the world of fermented foods and drinks. I’ve covered some fermented foods, but today I thought we’d look at drinks. Soda drinks, nutrition less milk, and sugar-laden juices grace the shelves and lips of many of societies growing children. Boy are we doing our children a disservice by let them chug down this crap. An alternative (besides raw whole milk from grass-fed cows instead of super market poison), could be lacto-fermented drinks.  Sally Fallon of the Weston A. Price Organization gives a great offering on them:

Throughout the world, these lactic-acid-containing drinks have been valued for medicinal qualities including the ability to relieve intestinal problems and constipation, promote lactation, strengthen the sick and promote overall well-being and stamina. Above all, these drinks were considered superior to plain water in their ability to relieve thirst during physical labor. Both soft drinks and alcoholic beverages- and even plain water- are poor substitutes for these health-promoting beverages. Taken with meals they promote thorough and easy digestion of food; taken after physical labor they give a lift by replacing lost mineral ions in a way that renews rather than depletes the body’s reserves.

Wow with lacto-fermented drinks doing this for us why are we chugging down sports drinks, artificially flavored pops, sugary-juices, and mad milk? These drinks support intestinal health and detoxify the body as well! It’s important to note that these drinks do produce small amounts of alcohol. Of course preparation plays a role in the concentration. Things affecting the alcoholic content are:

o       More sugar=more alcohol

o       Longer fermentation=less sugar and more alcohol

o       More oxygen=less alcohol

Little note: the addition of sea salt can also minimize the amount of sugar. Options include: water kefir, honey-lemonade, apple cider, beef kvass, and sun tea. For more on our fat-burner weight loss programs check out our website at bodychange. Net. For more on flora click the link!

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