Featured Food: Bone Marrow

We already now that early man sought not to waste any of the animal, but to enjoy the whole thing (they actually weren’t too thrilled with the tough strands of muscle but enjoyed chowing down on some organs), this included bone marrow. Today it is considered a delicacy (isn’t it weird how good things like fish eggs and venison are delicacies and acquired tastes?).  I’ll just mention straight off the bat that the best source for bone marrow is from grass-fed animals. There is not a lot of nutritive information available on bone marrow, but it is very high in fat (27.1 grams for 1 oz). It does contain some protein, about 2 grams per ounce, and it’s important to note that this protein is a complete source of protein (i.e. contains essential amino acids). Being that it is a fatty source, it of course is a great source of fat-soluble vitamins, and minerals (like iron, calcium and phosphorus). Sally Fallon Morell (of Weston A. Price) suggests that it could also be a good source of vitamin K (which is logically if grass-fed cows grown on fast-growing grass produce butter and milk with superior levels of Activator orK2). Something I found interesting was work done by Dr. Astrid Brohult, who upon doing research on child leukemia patients discovered compounds named alkylglycerols (AKGs for short) in high concentrations in bone marrow. What is good about these compounds?

  • Boost immune system
  • Encourage neutrophils (white blood cell) production that fight bacteria and fungi
  • Activate macrophages that eat foreign invaders and pathogens


Who new that bone marrow could be such an important source of fat-soluble vitamins and immune booster? (Well apparently our ancestors did, but the besides the point I think it’s pretty clear that they instinctually knew a lot more about survival and health than we do). Don’t let bone marrow be just a delicacy trying roasting it or adding to stocks. For more on our fat-burner weight-loss programs check out our website at bodychange.net.

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