Not a Primal Princess

 image       Motivation Monday with Brittany:    Oh well, what a fun-filled weekend of working to emulate our hunter-gatherer past (well as much as possible). My first deer camp with my Dad and brother. Taking what’s old, while also taking advantage of modern advances. Same as with other aspects of life: eating a hormonally balanced diet, but also supplementing for optimal vitamin and mineral levels. Of course we’re not traipsing around with arrowheads and spears with hid pelts covering up our goods, but toting our muzzleloaders and decked out in layers of clothes (Cliff is the fanciest of all in his new gear) and insulated boots (me with Clifford’s too big of pair, tripping over my own extended feet, trying not to step on tree branches as instructed by my father, as I trudge through the windy woods in the dark hopping to stumble upon my tree stand). Once up I securely latch myself to my tree, watching, listening, and using my senses to detect any sign of lie. Crack, crack as the restless squirrels run, play, fight and eat their way around me, but no sign of anything bigger. I think (because that’s all you have to do for hours in a tree, although I’ve taken to meditating to clear my mind and try to manifest- even thought that clearly not working as of yet), of our ancestors and this whole primal/paleo/hunter-gatherer lifestyle that I’ve tried to adds dashes of into my life (eating, hunting, my shed, etc. I think you get the picture).

            Originally I was going to call this post girl grit, as I realize that I am in the minority when it comes to hunting, although from what I read and I choose to believe women were just as important to the hunting party as men. They do say women have superior aim, after all. Needless to say, I spend the trip trying to show no signs of differences (refusing the traditional pink-accessorized women’s ware that usually comes with any women’s sports apparel), so the guys cannot razz me. No complaining of the deer, dragging or touching deer, not being squeamish field dressing or sweating it when I have to climb up into my stand after I’ve watched my brother set it up. Nothing! Anyways, the day is slow, temps are warm and a storm is approaching. We can sort of blame this, but I can’t help but feel disconnect here. We have all this technology for predictions and phones with weather channels, but again I go back to our ancestors. We’ve lost our inner deer detectors and instincts (I’ve sensed before when I would see deer or not, but have no real knowledge of why or where this is coming from). It amazes me how much my father knows, but it amazes me to fantasize about what our ancestors knew. Able to predict movement by moons and stars, identifying forest movement based on other animal sounds and even more that we can’t even fathom, it just blows my mind. How have we lost touch so much with nature, our born instincts and born killer? We’d rather have someone else raise and kill our meat, preferring not to dirty our hands in the practice (often people going vegetarian after witnessing slaughter or they can eat meat if they don’t see it killed-weird).

                We go home with one deer (Cliff’s doe), another practice session, but I cant help but think that our hunter-gatherer friends didn’t have the luxury of practice sessions. They had to kill to provide for their families, whereas today we have the advantages of freezers and grocery stores for a constant supply of food.  Oh well, I guess, again, it’s about mixing up the past with the present. I am so thankful to have had this experience (good practice for elk hunting inColoradowhen there won’t be humans around us for miles in our remote location). Two days of hunting, an epic game of dots (3 plus hours), sleeping on the ground, laughing (real heart-felt left laughter, not contrived so as not to hurt someone’s feelings), coffee in the morning together, reading and naps before more hunting; all while surrounded by trees and the actual night sky (watching it turn into cotton candy shades before it disappearing at night and watching it lightening up the sky in the morning over the tree tops from the perfect view of my tree stand). Although there was the presence of some modern commodities, I couldn’t help but be back thousands of years, connecting to my great-great-whatever, a true huntress and her ‘tribe’. The bonding of a team (a family), working towards the common goal of provision, while also enjoying each other’s company and the great outdoors (something I think this country and its kids are missing, a little vitamin N, check out Richard Louv’s The Nature Principle). Connecting to my roots and feeling my true primal past, while minimizing the pampered pressures of today. Reconnect!!!


BE, Love, Illuminate


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