Family and Practicing Love

Motivation Monday with Brittany: Gratitude would be the obvious post for today, but I’ve already covered this for the month (check it out Gratitude). Today I’d like to explore a little further, specifically family. This is the time of year when family get together you get to see those far away cousins and crazy aunts and uncles. I am so unbelievably lucky to have a close-knit family. Running with my parents got me thinking about family. Dad’s ranting, “Be happy, what other guy in the country is running barefoot with his wife and child . This is a wonderful moment. Bring it in for a hug, you feel it, you feel that energy? It’s a beautiful morning, isn’t it a beautiful morning (note its sprinkling and drizzly, but he is of the same mind it’s what you see and not what you look at. Sometimes it rains, embrace it!). I may jest and make light (mostly to put my mom at ease because I can feel her creeping annoyance at his overly sunny disposition), but he is right. When did I become my father’s daughter? This is how I talk to my friends and what I write about (talks about energy and happiness selection). I just get this crippling feeling of gratitude of how lucky I am to have such a positive-loving-crazy-free-thinking-family. Sunday evening Dad, Cliff and I ran deer drives together and came home to share our tales (Dad’s being the tallest tale of all) with my nephews in the garage. I don’t consider myself an emotional girl, but I find myself getting teary eyed, noticing little moments like this, taking the time to be aware of them and soak in quality time. Family are supposed to drive you crazy, though, right? I find in the past, I would let myself get frustrated or irritated by ‘pet-peeves’ or too much time together. My father’s bouncing around and flashdance like moves would drive me nuts before. But as I look at him this morning with all his crazy positive energy, I realize that these little things that drove me crazy before, are the things that make my father who he is. So instead of getting frustrated or irritated, I embrace it. A friend who talks to much, or repeatedly of the same things, or functions where everyone is talking at once, are a chance to test this LOVE. I’ve learned to accept others as they are (pet peeves and all) and not how you think they should be. This is true/pure love and this is how we hope others will treat us. Instead of being annoyed with your Uncle’s cheesy jokes, laugh, because that is who he is and you’re fortunate to have him there. Isn’t it better to have Dad dancing around in front of me than not have him at all? Some may not come from a large family like I do, but pay extra attention to those you do have or your friends. My friends are just like family to me. I guess my main point today is to embrace, accept and love what you have (don’t get frustrated, you can’t control others, so there’s no reason to get upset of something out of your control). If love is what you send out, then its love that you’ll get back and this is the perfect time of year to practice!

BE, Love, Illuminate,


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