Activator X (or K2)

We’ve been looking at vitamins, which brings us to Activator X. When Weston A. Price was traveling the world, looking at indigenious peoples, he discovered the benefits of vitamin A and D, plus another factor, Activator X, that seemed to important to overall health. Not until years later have we come to realize the parallels of Activator X and vitamin K2 (don’t forget some vitamins have several forms, we will be discussing K1 as well). He found that Activator X was most concentrated in butter from cows grazing on fast-growing grass in the fall and spring. The richer the color of the butter the higher the concentration of both K1 and K2. K1 found in the growing grass seems to be a precursor to Activator X and K2. K1 is usually used by the liver to activate blood clotting proteins. It is associated with chlorophyll (hence the grass) and beta-carotene (so greens obviously make a good choice for K1). What does K2 do:

  • ultilization of minerals
  • protect tooth decay
  • growth and development
  • reproduction function
  • protection against heart disease
  • brain function
  • used by other tissues from calcium placement
  • works with vitamin A and D for protein activation
  • skeletal metabolism (MGP and osteocalcin)
  • protect against inflammation and accumulation of fats
  • supports enzymes in the brain that produce sulfatides (important lipids who’s decrease with aging is associated with declined cognitive function- autopsies associate early stages of Alzheimer’s with 93% lower levels)

Best ways to get K2? Fermented foods and grass-fed animal fats are the best sources. Raw grass-fed butter would be a great source. Keep in mind the richer the color the higher the concentration. Also fall and spring the fast-growing grass produces higher yields. In winter high-vitamin butter oil capsules may be an option. Green Pasture’s sales them in conjunction with cod liver oil (don’t forget that the cod liver oil is a rich source of vitamins A and D, which work synergistically with the Activator X for optimal health). Activator X and K2- seemingly the same, and essential for health. For more on our fat-burner weight-loss programs check out our blog at

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