Featured Food: Venison

I featured it last year at this time and I’ll feature again today-vension. Although I’ve been in the woods for over a month tracking deer (we’ve already enjoyed 4 deer!), tomorrow begins firearm season and I have not missed the opening day of gun season since I was a mere tyke. This year we have formed a hunting coalition made up of myself, Sue, Cliff and Brittany. Our goal for the season is 10 deer to supply our family with enough venison to get us through the majority of the year. So why am I such an avid deer hunter and what is so great about this meat? Well just a bit of interesting information: some suggest it’s been eaten longer than popular meats like beef, chicken and pork. Health benefits:

  • clearly it’s a good source of protein, yet it’s lean
  • iron (and although beef is also a known source of iron, venison supplies ample amounts for fewer calories and fat)
  • B12 (don’t worry about these minerals and vitamins next week we are going to do an in-depth look at them)
  • other B vitamins like niacin, B6, and riboflavin
  • selenium
  • zinc
  • copper

Here we aren’t in short supply of deer and therefore the pleasures of venison (although farm-raised deer are becoming more popular-weird!). It’s a great way to add variety to your protein supply if you are a hunter yourself or if you know any generous hunters. The flavor can be a bit gamier, but as with grass-fed beef, the meat will take on the flavor of whatever it’s diet was. It’s Fall so enjoy some of nature’s beautiful meat cuts! For more on our fat-burner weight-loss programs check out our website at bodychange.net.

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One Response to Featured Food: Venison

  1. ericblow says:

    Great read and great post. Venison is a great protein source and brings unique vitamins and minerals to our table. We choose venison over beef much of the winter months.

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