Sleep, Summer, Cravings, and Disease

My grandbabies realize the importance of sleep for their growing bodies

After waking refreshed from an incredible 10+ hours of sleep, I though it best to review this essential key to wellness. I’ve talked about how we tend to want more and run into problems with excess (cortisol, inflammation, insulin), yet we deprive ourselves of sleep. We focus on our ‘busy’ lives and punching the time clock, rather than worrying about our internal clocks. Later on we’ll sleep, once we’ve finished school and studying, once the kids are grown, once we’ve gotten were we want to go professionally, once we’ve settled down. The truth is you’re not going to have much of a future (or at least a healthy one ) if you don’t put time in the bed NOW, not later. I know we’re all social creatures and have turned into night owls and night shifts are common (my own son works night shifts), but sleep, just like kettlebells and proper eating (or any skill in life) must be practiced to be effective. We live in a world of perpetual summer and sunlight. Our ancestors had it easy: it’s dark we sleep, it’s light we’re awake. How simple and natural that all seems, is that the truth today? Hell no, at least not for most. We’re bathed in light: computers, t.v.’s video games, cell phones, I Pods, even kindles have replaced the traditional book, etc. All these light rays not only keep us up, but mess with our melatonin, thereby messing with our sleep even more. Get the sunshine thing now? Then of course heating and cooling keep us nice and cushy. Here are how things really play out: During the summer there is less light and plenty of food. With all these readily available carbohydrates, we load on them, instinctively fattening up for winter and times of scarcity. So what happens in this constant summer, with carbohydrates (mostly nutrition less processed crap the cheapest and most readily available) now easy to be found any time of year? Well I think the countries obesity and disease rates speak volumes for this. OK so summer, less sleep (more fun, parties and food), then comes winter= more darkness, less food, more sleep. This is how it is in nature. Let’s move forward to these internal  clocks (circadian rhythm) that control this. As it gets dark melatonin levels increase (which artificial light colors can affect) and we get sleepy. Then as the sun comes up serotonin increases, so we’re ready to take on the day, with our cortisol levels up. We feel refreshed, our hormones (like growth hormone= muscle health, especially important for developing children) are restored, ghrelin and other keys to appetite control and cravings are ready for the day (yes sleep means less cravings during the day). Is this what happens; we go to sleep at dark and rise with the birds singing in chorus with the rising sun? I think not, most rise with that pesky/obnoxious alarm going off (spiking cortisol first thing in the morning), we either: try to get a run in (more cortisol) or get our groggy kids ready for school, pouring coffee down our throats to manage the morning, stopping through the McDonald’s drive thru, unless we’ve already poisoned our kids with cereal and grabbed either a muffin or granola bar to eat on the go, or worse we skip breakfast. Oy, and this is just the morning I don’t even want to think about what the rest of the day does to the body! There is so much wrong with this picture. Still thinking you can sleep later? A lack of sleep=summer= carb cravings= too much insulin=too much inflammation=disease, plus poor cortisol and growth hormone levels that make you less efficient at dealing with your ‘stresses’ throughout the day. Practice sleep like any other healthy skills: clear your bedroom, make it dark/chilly (think cave-like). I can tell you from my own experience, not only is it great for muscle, but you will feel fresh, and revived (there’s none of the ‘not a morning person’ crap here). Lights Out! For more on our fat-burner weight-loss programs check out our website at

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