Doing What You Say

imageMotivation Monday with Brittany: Yesterday my father and I got into what some may classify as an altercation (fight), but I consider it an enlightening conversation, as we both walked away still loving each other, not angry (neither one of us took it personally), still laughing and joking, closing with a hug (not a half-hearted pat but a real hug). I came with things to consider; a testament to my spiritual transformation that I was able to listen to his point of view (with minimal or decreased defensiveness), take what he was saying, apply what I agree with, yet remain true to myself. I’ve felt like previously my father has been one of my biggest memes, like pleasing him seemed to be the goal. Walking away I realized how much we (and our love) has grown in both of our inspired living, because we were both able to say what we thought, while retaining ourselves. Dr. Dyer says “Love is the ability and willingness to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves without any insistence that they satisfy you.” Besides the growth and exploration of love that I took away from this, he made some valid points (which I admit first upset me because of course he was right, its funny how we hate to be confronted with the truth), which upon further thought I agree with. I’ve been focusing so much on certain Tao principles that I have forgotten the Four Agreements and gotten out of practice with them. The two of significance in this conversation were:

  • be impeccable with your word
  • always do your best

I had gotten in the habit of saying I was going to do things and then I wouldn’t follow through. Therefore not doing what I say, therefore not giving 100% all of the time. Life is about balance,(just like health is about balancing hormones, and exericise is important but not too much) and focusing on other principles left me vulnerable to neglect key values. I realize that I’m not just letting others down, but most importantly myself. I say I’m going to do better with my eating or I want to take a trip or I tell my dad I’m going to clean the garage, then I need to do it. In my head I was telling myself I was BEING (which is important), but then this became an excuse for not doing what I should do or say I’ll do. I was telling myself that I didn’t have to do things that I’m living in the moment and doing what I want when I want, but in essence their are things that have to be done (I have to nourish my body properly, I have to lift heavy once in a while, I have to brush my teeth, etc). I need to focus on BEING good by doing the right things. Then I don’t have to talk about doing them, but they just ARE a part of my life. This summer I didn’t talk or think or make promises about losing weight (I had a kind of goal, but didn’t try to anticipate the journey), I just did it. I realize that’s what I’ve got to do now (in all aspects of my life), and to have my word mean something and to give 100%. You cant get what you want in life or manifest if you are not impeccable with your word (plus others tend not to listen if you’re always talking and never acting- I think this called undependable). Thanks Dad, I can always come to you for inspiration, truth, and enlightenment. BE impeccable with your word and always do your best!

BE, Love, Illuminate,


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