Antioxidants Again

Today’s post is again leading up to post to come this week, just a quick refresher on antioxidants. First lets start off with free radicals. Free radicals are common in the body, you can’t be without them, however in excess (of the antioxidant defense you have already)they cause damage. The are chemically active atoms that have a charge because of excess or deficient electron totals. This makes it unstable, searching and scavenging throughout the body for another electron or to give one up. This in turn causes damages to cells, protein and DNA. Free radicals can come from several causes:

  • metabolism
  • inflammation
  • aerobic respiration
  • pollution
  • sunlight
  • strenuous exercise  (another strike against chronic cardio)
  • smoking
  • alcohol

Antioxidants help the situation by neutralizing free radicals. Antioxidants can be found in different food sources, like ones in beta-carotene and in different fruits and vegetables. In order to decrease free radical damage, which can lead to inflammation, which can lead to disease, it is important to have an eating regiment or a lifestyle that decreases possible free radical damage. For more on our fat-burner weight loss programs check out our website at

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