TVA: the good trans fat

To some this picture may seem repulsive, the epitome of heart clogging foods, right? Obviously those people have never read any of our post. We’ve demonized yummy things like butter and steak, but filled our shelves with ‘foods’ with a long self life (basically poisoning ourselves on artificial crap). Of course I want to look at sources of meat. I wouldn’t recommend mass consumption of store-bought beef and butter. Grass-fed, if you don’t know about it, check out our past blogs. Today I want to look at another benefit to grass-fed beef (as if CLA, Activator X and fat-soluble vitamins weren’t enough). We’re going to explore the trans-fat, trans vaccenic acid. Wait, did I just say we’re going to check out a healthy trans fat, that have been drug through the medium and virtually castrated? Why yes I did, again one of those things that are misunderstand. Here again is the problem when we humans try to recreate naturally occurring substances, it doesn’t react in the same way in the body and wrecks havoc. Trans fat created by man-made products like fast food and hydrogenated oils (I would never stick margarine in my mouth), have been linked to heart disease and other illnesses. Trans-vaccenic acid (TVA), on the other hand is a naturally occurring trans fat found in grass-fed beef and dairy. Therefore, we have been consuming it for thousands of year through evolution, does that seem like something that could harmful, then? Studies done by Weston A. Price in the 1930’s on groups consuming large quantities of either animal fat or full fat dairy products (therefore they contained TVA and CLA) had no heart disease, diabetes, cancer, tooth decay, or prevalence of obesity. Seems like our ancestors had it right, no? Initial research on TVA focused primarily on it being a pre-cursor to CLA (getting much attention for anticarcinogenic power and some suggest eating dairy with high levels of TVA actually may be more effective to increase CLA levels than just ingesting CLA by itself), but further research have shown it has some benefits on its own. First studies have shown a significant absorption of TVA in the intestine, just with things like vitamins if it’s not getting absorbed then it is not doing anything for you, so this is important. Studies down at the University of Alberta have shown that TVA could substantially reduce risk factors associated with heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.  Quite the opposite effect of what we associate with trans-fat, right? Message here is that we have another reason to enjoy a juicy steak and butter (as long as its grass-fed), thank you trans-vaccenic acid! Check out our  past posts on grass-fed dairy and meat for more benefits and check out our fat-burner meat and butter eating weight loss programs at EAT REAL FOOD!

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