How ‘less’ is more: Gratitude

Motivation Monday with Brittany: How can you want more if you don’t appreciate what you have? I feel enlightened lately-blissful, electric with life and love, genuinely happy, energetic; like I now see with new eyes where everything is vibrant and beautiful. I almost feel overwhelmed with how grateful I am of my life and the people in it. I want to tell everyone (and I’ve actually written several letters to friends and family expressing this). How often do we get caught up in things and feel we need to complain about how ‘bad’ we have it. I got a flat, I hate my job or I lost my job, I broke up with my boyfriend, I’ve gained weight, my life is so routine. Dr Dyer got on stage a few weeks ago, diagnosed with leukemia, coming from a less than glamorous background and foster care, and all he talked about was how great life is. A flat is an opportunity to meet a kind stranger, job problems are an opportunity to go after that passion you have (work towards the business of your dreams) or go back to school, a break up is a chance to rediscover yourself or find someone more compatible, weight gain is a opportuinity for a new journey to reharmonize your body, and feelings of boredom could be a symptom that you need a break (a little bit of an adventure, I’m always a big fan of taking off and exploring) or switch things up (change your route home or start a new hobby or learn a new skill). My brother-in-law and some of my friends have been going through some tough times, but like Dr. Dyer says, they’ve got to look at the positive and find the good that can come out of these situations (its often the darkest hours where we can find our brightest stars, you just have to be aware that it’s there and SEE it). Like I’ve told them, look at all the good things: you’re alive (that in and of itself is power), you’re perfect, you’ve got a beautiful family, people who love you,. Here in the US we tend to live cushy lives that we take for granted. Having more doesn’t mean happiness either. More food, more money, more possessions, a faster car, a bigger house, more alcohol aren’t going to make for lasting happiness, they’re just a temporary distractions. The rich suffer depression, suicide, eating disorders, there all medicated out to deal with ‘disorders’, they’ll nip’tuck to fit everyone else’s image of beauty. Like I say I’m the richest (happiest) ‘poor’ person I know. Live in the NOW and ask what’s lacking right now? The truth is in this very moment I have everything that I need. Like I said I feel overwhelmed with all I have and I have less ‘stuff’ and money than others. The list is exhaustive, but here is some (although not nearly all or even a minute bit) of what I am thankful for (which is fitting with Thanksgiving fast approaching) in no specific order:

  • that I’ve found the Tao and the path toward a good, spiritual, inspired life
  • intention
  • imagination and creativity
  • my self
  • my family (including friends who are just like family to me)
  • my job that allows me to serve others by teaching keys to longevity, so they can live long healthy lives and everyone is able to enjoy their company longer
  • opportunities to meet new people (especially at work where I meet some of the most wonderful people)
  • my health-no only my physical body, but that I am eating for my future-I am young, beautiful, healthy and vibrant
  • love
  • kindness
  • the beauty I see everywhere
  • shelter
  • food to nourish my body
  • the ability to exercise and strengthen my body
  • my ability to run and walk and explore with all of my senses
  • Play
  • adventure
  • Support-that my family lets me be myself and travel by myself or pursue whatever crazy ideas I may come up with
  • hiking
  • travel
  • knowledge
  • books
  • truth and honesty
  • Nature
  • God
  • inspiration
  • everyone!
  • everything-every event and person in my life that have brought me to where I am today
  • Dr Dyer and his beautiful words that have changed my life
  • happiness
  • choices: feelings, emotions, etc
  • peace
  • joy
  • passion
  • dreams
  • music
  • the ability to dance and express myself
  • art
  • clothes (I’ve gotten rid of 75% of the but still could get rid of some more!) and their allowance for self-expression
  • energy
  • positivity

Life! I’m thankful to be here, a part of the collective ONE and I’m so thankful that I’ve found this path so young. Still think your life sucks? Make a list (and like I said this is a general list that is infinity long) and ask yourself what is missing still? We have so much already, do we really need more to make ourselves happier? My life is magnificent (sure there are tough times but it’s how you deal with them that counts) and I’m so grateful for all the people I can encounter! Thank-you for taking the time to read and share in my appreciation, may it help and perhaps even inspire you. Life is good, don’t forget.

BE, Love, Appreciate


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