Featured Food: Deer Organs

I know we talked about organs exclusively and their hierarchy of the b vitamin realm, but adventure into the woods (because tis the season) has called for renewed interest. As many of you may know I have been upping my consumption of grass-fed liver and heart intake. Now it is deer archery season in Indiana. I have been a hunter for most of my life and butchered more deer than I care to count, but I have always just field dressed them and disposed of their internal organs on site. This year, however, our family have begun a new tradition. Why not keep some of the organs? So we have started keeping the hearts and livers out of any deer that we kill. Thanks to my good buddy Mike, I found myself with 2 hearts and 2 livers this past weekend (one set pictured here). What I consider to be some of the most valuable part of these organs is the fat. That fat surrounding the heart is important. In order to properly absorb protein and get all the advantages of fat-soluble vitamins, the protein in congruence with the fat (hence the fat surrounding the heart) are key for nutrition and for absorption. It’s primal man at his best. When early man took down his prey, he wasn’t going to just chow on the muscle tissue, but he right in for the organs and fatty tissue to nourish themselves. there are benefits to each organ:

  • Heart: CoQ10! Important for cell function, as well as heart rhythm. Other keys: selenium, phosphorus, zinc and essential amino acids. The heart has excellent concentrations of collagen and elastin (great for anti-aging and wrinkling).
  • Liver: one of the most concentrated sources of the fat-soluble vitamin A. Of course it is a great source of b vitamins, notably B12. Liver is one of the best and most usable sources of iron.

What can I say, these organs present so many benefits, I have to include them in my program and get them from wherever I can. Primal at its best! For more on our fat-burner weight loss programs check out our blog at bodychange.net.

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