Featured Food: meat preparation

I know that Friday’s are usually dedicated to a specific food, but we all know meat is good for us, especially grass-fed (better omega-3 concentration, CLA and so on, check old posts on grass-fed for the full benefits), but I want to look at the meat processing and preparation today. There is clearly a hierarchy when it comes to meat selection. Obviously the less processed a meat the better. When learned yesterday that protein can release an insulin response, but what can influence this? Processing for one. Ground meat is going to be more insulinogenic than steak. It doesn’t require as much digestion and can enter the bloodstream more rapidly. Same goes for lunch meats (which usually my last choice as they can have more nitrates and sugars), it’s more heavily processed, therefore it is more insulinogenic. So not that we’ve decided to have the steak instead of the hamburger, how do we have it prepared? Well I’ve abdicated the rarer the better because it helps retain the amino acid concentration better, but are there more benefits? Of course there are! CoQ10 (we covered it last month) has broken out as a star of sorts for heart and cardiovascular health. Red meat (and organ meat) is a great source of CoQ10, unfortunately it is heat sensitive, therefore it is destroyed by overcooking. Grass-fed meats are great source of B vitamins and omega-3’s, but these too can be decreased by cooking. Actually overcooking meat can:

  • denature proteins
  • caramelize sugar
  • destroy vitamins
  • destroy minerals
  • destroy enzymes

Well aren’t these all the great things about meat, and you’re destroying them by ordering a charcoaled hunk of meat! By the heat killing nutrients, it messes up digestion. It can form new chemical compounds like carcinogens and other molecular fusions, that can damage your kidneys and blood vessels. Rarer meat is easy to digest, clearly. Also it tastes better because=rarer meat=more juices=more juices= more flavor and taste. Now that you’ve evaluated the type of meat you’ve selected (feedlot vs. grass-fed, steak vs. ground vs. lunchmeat), maybe you should evaluate how you order next time! For more on our fat-burner weight loss programs check out our website at bodychange.net.


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