In researching I keep coming across this, so I figured that it would be a perfect Thursday feature. Today we will check out Coenzyme Q10 (commonly seen as CoQ10), famous among the cardiovascular community. This compound is located in the mitochondria of a cell. The mitochondria are the energy powerhouses of a cell, so it is no surprise that CoQ10 is involved in ATP production. ATP is a major energy source for the body and connects to different biological prossess like muscle contraction and protein production. Not only is CoQ10 involved in energy, but it is an antioxidant. I feel like I’ve beat antioxidants to death, but here is a recap. An over abundance of free radicals in the body can cause inflammation. Chronic inflammation is what causes all diseases and virtually all of our health problem have their roots in inflammation. Antioxidants battle and neutralize free radical damage, therefore decreasing inflammation and risk of disease. CoQ10 has been linked to heart disease prevention and prevention because of its ability to improve energy production of cells, inhibit blood clot formation and its role as an antioxidant. Other things that CoQ10 is said to aid in:

  • heart disease
  • heart failure
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • diabetes
  • breast cancer
  • gum disease
  • improve immune function
  • increase sperm motility (=better fertility)
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • damage from stroke
  • boost athletic performance
  • improve exercise tolerance
  • improve symptoms tinnitus
  • delay aging
  • increase longevity

So where can you get CoQ10? Of course there are supplements, but I usually promote getting my nutrients in natural ways whenever possible. Food sources for CoQ10 include:

  • Oily fish like tuna and salmon
  • organ meat grass-fed animals (notably liver)

I know, like you needed yet another reason to eat liver! For more on our fat-burner weight loss programs check out our website at


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