Steak, It’s what for Dinner

Our bodies use over 5000 different proteins to form organs, muscles, nerves, and flesh. These proteins are composed of 22 amino acids. Most we can make ourselves, but 8 are what we consider essential, meaning that we have to get them through diet. If just one of these essentials are missing, then the body can not synthesize the other proteins that it needs. Sulphur based amino acids like methionine, cystein, and cystine (found in eggs and meat) are vital for brain and nervous system health. Proteins are needed for:

  • normal growth
  • formation of hormones
  • process blood clotting
  • formation of milk
  • help regulate acid/alkaline balance of blood and tissues

Where can one find complete sources of protein, you may ask? ANIMAL PROTEINS are the ONLY complete sources of protein! Furthermore, it cannot be properly utilized without dietary fat. Do you vegetarians and low-fat food trend setters hear that? A diet with an increase in protein, but a decrease in fat can actually do more harm than good (too rapid growth, depletion of vitamin A and D reserves). For those not getting enough protein- a lack of protein can result in myocardial muscle (referring to the heart) loss, contributing to coronary heart disease. Vegetarians lack fat-soluble catalysts for mineral absorption and the phytates in the grains they’re consuming prevent the absorption of calcium, iron, zinc, copper and magnesium. They tend to be deficient in phosphorus, and therefore have a difficult time in retaining proper acid/alkaline balance. B12, which I’ll be investigating next week, only occurs in animal protein. Just a sneak peek, but deficiencies can lead to:

  • anemia
  • impaired eye sight
  • panic attacks
  • schizophrenia
  • hallucinations
  • nervous disorders (weakness, loss of balance and numbness of hands and fee)

What are good sources of protein? Egg whites, lean meats, and lowfat milk right? Well that’s at least what popular media seems to tell us. These can actually lead to fat-soluble vitamin deficiency. Animal protein was made with fat and that is how it should be enjoyed! Here is a list of actual good sources of protein:

  • buffalo
  • deer
  • antelope
  • duck
  • geese
  • pheasant
  • wild turkey
  • pasture-raised chicken and eggs
  • cold water deep seas fish
  • grass-fed beef
  • grass-fed lamb
  • pasture raised pork

Note cook your meat as rare as you can tolerate. The rarer the meat the more it retains its amino acid content. Today is yet another reinforcement of not only carnivores, but of fat. Why pick a combination of beans and grains that’s not going to provide you with the essential amino acids or yummy egg whites with all of delectable flavor when you can have a buttery slab of steak? I don’t know, call me crazy, but I choose steak hands-down every time. For more on our meat loving fat-burner weight loss programs check out our website at

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