Kettlebells on vacation






Just because you’re on vacation is no excuse not to do your workout (although many have a laundry list of excuses not for doing them just in their everyday workout) especially if you’re driving since kettlebells take up hardly any space. Last year we took them with us to Florida and this journey to Colorado is no exception. In the truck we loaded up a 55 lber for Todd and I, a 45 for Britt and 25 for Sue. This morning all we needed was a little patch of grass in the Cabela’s parking lot across from our hotel and a lot of tension for a successful morning kettlebell practice session. No shoes, 3 weights, 3 waters, some ingenuity and a half hour were enough. Keep to the key exercises that we have pictured here: my Turkish get-up, Todd’s squat press, Britt’s windmill and some make shift pushups on the tailgate (although I recommend making sure the latch to the tailgate is locked). Finish off with a friendly race up the stairs and you have a successful yet quick morning workout and you’re ready to take on the day and the sites. Enjoy!

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One Response to Kettlebells on vacation

  1. T&J says:

    You guys beat all!!! Love the creativity. Have fun!

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