Smart Traveling


Tomorrow we set off for Colorado, so here are some tricks and recommendations for traveling smart and not recking your fatburner program. Here I have packed:

  • 2 dozen hard-boiled eggs (for myself, my father has packed his own pasture-raised eggs to take with him)
  • Grass-fed butter
  • Grass-fed cow livers
  • I have goose jerky in the dehydrator (other picture)
  • Trail Mix (pecans, cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, macadamia nuts, and dehydrated apples)image
  • Blondie cookies (made with almond butter and no flours)
  • Blueberry scones for breakfast (my nephews like Starbucks scones so I decided to make them healthy ones for our take-off meal).
  • Prepackaged chicken in individual portion bags already
  • Coconut oil pills
  • Fish Oil pills
  • Squeeze bottles of macadamia nut oil and EVOO

These are just essentials on the road, once we get there we will be able to find a grocery or a market to purchase meals. Other tips to stay on track:

  • take squeeze bottles of oils to restaurants to add fats and to use as salad dressings
  • order a protein (like steak) and extra veggies as the side, ask what kind of oils they use and see if they can use butter instead or tell them you have a food allergy for anything with polyunsaturated fat (peanuts, etc.)
  • Load up on nonperishables like canned sardines, tuna, and salmon.
  • Pack fruits and veggies that are usually eaten raw (carrots, berries, tomato, avocado, jicama, apples, peaches)

Most importantly stay away from the three poisons grains, starches, and sugars and enjoy!




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