Railroad Tie Training

imageWarning: new and up coming to the Body Change training regiment is railroad training. After the initial session we realized that this activity may not follow all the rules, but we are rebels, uninhibited by the rules of railroad ‘police’. Furthermore, we will be installing some in our facility for easier safer access for all of our clients. What is the purpose of this activity you may ask? Well we have been adament about promoting our slow-movement training and last week at the end of our stroll in the park Sue and I decided to give it a test. We already imagehave several kettlebell movements that incorporate stability training, but we soon discovered that this was yet another functional technique. A lot of people go to the gym, functioning on training individual muscle groups. In doing this, they’re not training their muscles to function and work together. Here we have a movement were you try to balance and stay on the rail, correcting any imbalance with your core strength. Core strength is such a key to overall strength (after all it is your spine and abdominal that keep you upright). I have often seen in training that balance is a challenge for a lot of individuals, whether it is lunges or Around-the-Worlds, Americans tend to be lacking in key strength. We are so excited about this new routine! Feel free to try it yourself. 


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