Meandering through the Morning Market


Now that it is summer there is no better way (personal opinion) than at the city’s local market. Waking up early and strolling through the tents in my barefoot shoes and summer sundress, is for me, a relaxing and peaceful way to start my day. Peeking around corners, there’s wonderful food waiting to be taken in. Although the season is still a little early and the Terre Haute market is a little quaint, there are definitely benefits to shopping your local market. Besides the fact that your outside, getting some of your vital vitamin D for the day, there are fresh fruits and vegetables to be had. Also, the market is a great place to find grass-fed and pasture raised meats. The Terre Haute store alone has two different vendors selling grass-fed beef, pasture raised chicken, eggs, pork, and lamb! In addition, by going to the local market you are supporting your local economy and farmers in your area, not some big time farm in some place far away that goes through several hands and chemicals before it reaches your dinner table. At the market you pick up your meat and vegetables and there’s an instant, reasonably priced meal that supports the locals. Like I said, though I am a fan of markets, there is more to be seen than just produce. Fresh flowers and doggy treats, there are a plethora of goods to be had. I feel like I win the lottery anytime I find a great market. When I was in San Francisco, I was elated when we pulled up to the bus station and discovered that there was a huge (seemingly endless) outdoor market. All these people walking around trying to be conscious of their health and the wonderful products. I have to be aware of keeping my mouth shut, as I walk around in awe to ogling at all the wonderful things. There is a plethora (almost overabundance) of organic fruits and vegetables, a mushroom stand (to buy truffles or not?), first-pressed olive oil made in the region, nuts everywhere, tea and coffee, stands with a variety of unique salts and seasonings, meats and eggs, and of course fish! I was in love and it was the best way to start my trip and to take in San Francisco as I take in the eclectic group of consumers. My favorite market of all, in one of my favorite city’s, is by far Pikes Market in Seattle. It is huge! You can get lost in it and spend days trying to discover all its treasures and still never come close to finding all its wonders. If I lived there I would go everyday. There are stacks after stacks of cheap/fresh produce (chowing on beautiful Ranier cherries, knowing that the mountain of the same name is not that far away) and stands with the most beautiful fresh flower arrangements (I would go everyday just to get new flowers each day). There are gluten-free bakeries and all kinds of stands with knickknacks. Of course there is fish! The most popular stand is easy to find, just find the large congregation of by-standers, with the fisherman scattered and throwing fish and cracking jokes scattered throughout the crowd. If you haven’t got the gist yet, markets are a must. Find a nearby market in your area, the Terre Haute market is held on Saturday’s and begins at 8 am. If you’re on vacation in an area with a market, check it out (as different regions are going to have different produce and specialties). Support your local economy and wander outdoors. For more on our fat-burner weight loss programs check out our website at

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