Eat Purple for Antioxidant Support

Anthocyanins are a class of flavonoids that are responsible for the red, purple, and blue colors of fruits and veggies. There are over 500 variances found! There has been some promising research in the realm of anthocyanins. Studies have shown a correlation between flavonoid intake and an inverse correlation of mortality from coronary heart disease. Studies are also promising in the stroke prevention. Many of these benefits may stem from the anti-inflammatory/antioxidant properties that anthocyanins may possess. Again to reiterate what we’ve discussed previously, antioxidants help prevent or reverse free radical damage, which causes inflammation, unrest and disease on the body. Anthocyanins also show promise for being antiviral and antimicrobial. Sources of anthocyanins? Clearly berries (blackberry, grapes, blueberries), vegetables like avocado and eggplant are some of the best sources. Other sources are oranges, elderberry, olives, and red onions. The color of anthocyanins depend on structure, but also on the acidity of the fruit. Color loss may be prevented by storing food at a low temperature or in dark containers. Things that may limit the concentration are temperature, oxygen, and UV light. Anthocyanins demonstrate yet again how a diet of variation and eating across the rainbow can provide many benefits. For more on our fat burner weight loss programs check out our website at

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2 Responses to Eat Purple for Antioxidant Support

  1. I agree on your blog post, purple fruits and veggies, including acai berry and blueberries, contain important nutrition which have proven many health advantages including anti-aging. These crimson anti-oxidants, known as anthocyanins, happen to be proven to safeguard one’s heart and vision, promote mental focus, and stop oxidative stress. Resveratrol supplements is yet another body fat-soluble compound present in some crimson meals, for example grapes, dark wine, crimson grape juice, peanuts, plus some berries. Studies have established that crimson meals may provide relief from cancer.

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