Conditioned Thinking: a hinderance on weight loss

While reading the book UR the Solution I came across this term and I instantly correlated it to my business (hence today’s brief post on the subject matter). It said:

   “let conditions dictate how you should think about things.    You have to think differently about what’s all around you. You have to see things differently than the way you’ve been conditioned to see them. You have to be expectant of miracles.”

Sometimes I deal with people who have never been thin (or thin in their adult lives). For them it’s hard to envision themselves as 15 or 25%. To them this may seem like a miracle. They’re used to or conditioned to seeing themselves as fat. That’s their view of themselves. They have to get rid of this conditioned thinking. They have to picture themselves as thin, and drop this self-view. So homework assignment: find a picture of yourself sometime when you were thin (or thinner than you are now) and place it by your bedside. Take it out each morning when you’re pledging to be good and picture and feel yourself as thin. For more on our fat-burner weight loss programs check out our website at h

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