An Exercise State of Mind

As many may know I exercise less than ever (although I’m dropping weight as I hover towards 6%). I’ll reiterate that Americans tend to feed into this belief that exercise will make them lose weight, but as we discussed last week, control of insulin is the key to successful and lasting weight loss. None the less exercise and strength is something that I practice in accordance with insulin control. Yesterday I contemplated my thoughts on my state of mind while practicing and this is what I’ve determined. Before we begin, for those of you who may not know, I have a bit of thing for lions and they are my favorite analogy. What I have become aware of is that while practicing strength and moving kettlebells, that I am in attack mode. It’s time to feed, I’m on the prowl and in the mental state that I am going to kill something or my family starves. I’m ready to attack. Attack the weights; attack the challenge. I am not me rather I am the predator. Another aspect of my training is to move fast every 10 days or so. Now I have to think the opposite. I go back to that primal man and I am running from the lion so that I am not eaten. Am I tense and hyped up? No now I have to be relaxed. I can’t be tense, I must flow like water so that I can escape and keep my head clear and my muscles loose. Lesson for today’s post is to contemplate what state of mind you need to be in to produce the best results for your exercise practice sessions. Use your primal instincts. Be the hunter moving the bells, and be the escaping prey when moving fast. For more on our fat-burner programs and exercise philosophies check out our website at

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